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Justin Bieber Opens Up About Girlfriends Breaking Down Into Tears In The Bedroom — Listen

Fri, August 28, 2015 7:44pm EDT by Chris Rogers 15 Comments

Well, this is something we never though we’d hear. In a new interview, Justin Bieber told Ryan Seacrest that women he brings into the bedroom often end up pushing him away and crying. Um, have they not seen Justin’s Calvin Klein campaign?! Watch the interview here.

Either Justin Bieber‘s really bad in bed or there’s something wrong with the girls he brings into his bedroom. During an Aug. 28 interview with Ryan Seacrest, the “What Do You Mean?” singer, 21, said women, whom he gets intimate with, are so confusing because one minute they’re kissing him and then the next, they’re pushing him away and crying.

“You ever been in the bedroom and the same things happen? She’s like pushing you away and then she wants to kiss you, and then she starts crying, and then pushes you away,” Justin asked Ryan, while trying to explain the meaning behind the title and lyrics of his hot new single. Ryan said that he has experienced “tears” in what he thought was a “moment of glory,” which is quite shocking, but we were more blown away by the fact that girls actually push Justin Bieber away in the bedroom. That’s certainly not what we’d be doing if we were in a bedroom with Justin.

Justin definitely knows how to get strong reactions out of women because he also said that an ex once screamed at him before he went on stage to perform. Could he have been talking about Selena Gomez, 23?

“Do you look at text messages before you go out [on stage],” Ryan asked the Biebs. “Cause that could throw you off.” Justin shook his head and said, “It can. It can. I’ve had an ex-girlfriend scream at me before going onstage and stuff.” Woof. Hopefully, Justin has some better luck with women going forward.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Would you push Justin Bieber away if he brought you into his bedroom? Vote in our poll and tell us how you feel.

— Chris Rogers