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‘Project Runway’ Recap: Designer Freaks Out During The Mary Kay Challenge

Thu, August 27, 2015 10:33pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 8 Comments

The Mary Kay challenge is here! With a chance to take home a big paycheck and have your dress featured in an ad campaign, the pressure is on — but who won’t be able to hold it together and who will stay in the game? Spoilers ahead — read on at your own risk!

After working together in groups, the designers are on their own again — but who will be in and who will be out? Now that’s the question. The Project Runway designers are met by Heidi Klum on the runway, who clues them in on their next challenge. “It is on the horizon, and I’m pretty sure you are going to like the view,” she says. What can the challenge be?

Tim meets the designers and clues them in further — it’s the Mary Kay Challenge! The task at hand? To create a classic piece, with a twist — take an iconic fashion design and make it your own. After a trip to Mood, the designers have nine hours to craft their designs, (but don’t ask Blake, cause apparently he can’t tell time?).

Amanda is in total freakout mode, breaking down because she can’t stop worrying and second-guessing herself. The pressure is on. Gabrielle is waiting around for Tim because she can’t figure out what to change about her garment. Time is of the essence, Gabby. It doesn’t seem like Tim’s feedback actually gave her definitive answer, but it did seem to restore her confidence — and the girl can certainly use it right now.

Swapnil’s look has a lot going on, so he needs to scale back. Lindsey’s cute approach totally has me intrigued — and the same can be said for Tim! Gabby is falling apart at the seams while trying to sew up material at the very last minute — she needs to take a deep breath before this runway show is a total disaster.

On to runway day — Blake’s design is a favorite among the judges. What? Guest judge, (and seriously chic star), Kiernan Shipka and Nina Garcia really liked it — Zac said it had great runway effect, Heidi liked the new silhouette. I wasn’t obsessed with the construction, but I must admit that it was definitely a risk, so I’ll give him credit there.

Swapnil’s fresh take on the little black dress was amazing — and Kiernan loved it. “The best party girls in the world live in New York,” Zac said, regarding the fresh, fun mini that Swapnil created. Seriously, what do I have to do to have Swapnil design my entire wardrobe?

From the way they could totally tell it was Candice’s design to the detailing, her look was a major favorite among the judges. They loved how her personal vision shined right through — she nailed it! On the runway, she gets emotional talking about her family and her children.

Now, on to the not-so-great looks. Lindsey’s execution definitely fell flat — and it’s a bummer cause the outfit seemed to have so much promise. The actual design elements were fine, but together this look left much to be desired. “On a positive note, you made a lot of pieces in one day,” Heidi said of Lindsey’s look — but she admitted she wasn’t loving it. She said it looked very “flea market.” Ouch, (but I see where she was going there).

Gabrielle’s design is dying, right on the runway. Heidi called it “sad” and the poor construction of the dress is instantly pointed out by the judges. I know she was all about this jacket, but I am not a fan of this silhouette at all.

Now, on to Amanda. Her dress was considered more “maternity” than major — and Amanda admits she is holding back out of fear. “Bring on the crazy,” Heidi tells her, encouraging her to really let her talent and design shine through. Hearing Heidi say this to her is such a relief — the girl definitely needed to hear it, and I hope this gets her out of her second-guessing funk that’s totally hindering her in this competition.

“Up close and personal, everything changes,” Zac says before they take a better look at all the designs. As they do, they rave about the construction of Candice’s look — and rightfully so! So, who will be in and who will be out?

Blake won?! Am I missing something? From Candice’s construction to Swapnil’s attention to detail, this makes ZERO sense to me. They were ROBBED. Not only is he the winner and is granted immunity, but he also gets $5,000 — not too shabby. The best part of winning? His frock will be featured in the Mary Kay campaign in Marie Claire magazine. I don’t mean to hate on Blake at all, I’m just honestly not loving this look.

It all comes down to Gabrielle and Amanda — and Gabrielle is out. I was so nervous they were going to send Amanda home — phew. Don’t get me wrong, Amanda’s skating on thin ice, but the girl needs to get it together and stop second-guessing every single stitch. Hopefully now that the designers spoke to her, she’ll be able to shake it off and get her head in the game for real.

Tim is so upset that Gabrielle is being sent home, and for a second I almost thought he was going to use his Tim Gunn save — but I guess it was a little too early for that. What do you think of this week’s competition?

Katrina Mitzeliotis