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Tyga Going Broke Trying To Keep Kylie Jenner Happy

Mon, August 24, 2015 7:50pm EDT by 28 Comments

Oh, the things you’ll do for love! Tyga wants the world for his lady, but he’s having trouble affording it all, a source EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us. Kylie Jenner has expensive taste, and while he’d love to cater to it, he’s just not able!

Tyga, 25,  just can’t keep up with this Kardashian sister. He’s going broke trying to give Kylie Jenner, 18, everything she desires, a source told EXCLUSIVELY. Kylie is a good girl, but she’s used to living the high life — and now she’s started to rely on her man to give it to her! The problem? Tyga is a successful rapper, but it doesn’t even come close to what you pull in being a JennerTo hear more about Kylie Jenner, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

Kylie’s got a taste for the finer things in life, and now that she’s out from under her parents’ wings, she’s expecting her one-and-only to give her everything she wants. The issue here is that Tyga wants to please her so much, he’s gotten in over his head. There’s no way he can afford so many expensive gifts for his sweetheart, but he keeps trying and trying!

“Kylie is spoiled and used to getting what she wants,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She has basically never been told ‘no’ in her life. Tyga is having a hard time keeping her happy. Yes, he got her a $320,000 Ferrari but it didn’t have all the upgrades she wanted in it so she’s getting work done on it.”

“He buys her nice things all the time, but she’s only satisfied for a few days before she wants something else,” the source continued. “She looks at luxury clothes and cars and home furnishings online all the time. Kylie could definitely buy herself almost anything she wants but she doesn’t like to spend her own money. She’s used to people buying her things. Now that her parents aren’t doing it anymore it’s up to Tyga.”

Kylie, help a guy out! We all know she’s loaded; how many teens do you know with a $2 million mansion? If she’s dying for some pricey treats, she should absolutely pick up the tab herself instead of laying it all on Tyga. It’s all part of growing up, right?

But apparently, Kylie has other things in mind — like being treated as well as sister Kim! Our source told us that Kylie has her eye on all the fabulous things brother-in-law Kanye West bestows upon his wife, and she wants that life, too! But Tyga just can’t sustain it: “Tyga’s music career is not blowing up as much as he would like plus he has Blac Chyna and King to support. Keeping Kylie happy is sending him to the poor house.”

HollywoodLifers, should Tyga continue buying expensive presents for Kylie?

— Written By Samantha Wilson, Reporting By Tim Plant