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Whippits, Weddings & More ‘Unauthorized Full House Story’ Surprises

Sat, August 22, 2015 10:16pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment

Have. Mercy. Lifetime’s ‘The Unauthorized Full House Story’ showed us how the show was cast, the behind the scenes romances — and yes, the Olsen twins drama.

What really went on between Bob SagetJohn Stamos and Dave Couiler? Well Garrett BrawithJustin Gaston and Justin Mader attempted to show us just that on The Unauthorized Full House Story. So, if everything that the Lifetime showed was true (and who knows about that), here’s what every tidbit you need. Apologies now if you already knew any of these like many of us Full Houseatics already did.

– Dave lived on Bob’s couch in real life before Joey lived in Danny’s house. He got offered a role as a cast member in Saturday Night Live, but it fell through and they ended up on Full House together.

– Bob passed on Full House at first, but after his wife had a baby and he lost a CBS gig, he called back — they had already shot the pilot with John Posey. Luckily, they reshot it because Jeff Franklin really wanted him. It was a good call: he gave Danny OCD.

– Full House was pitched as House of Comics, — but because The Cosby Show was doing so well, they wanted more family. So Jeff came up with the single dad storyline on the spot.

– John Stamos changed the name “Uncle Adam” to “Uncle Jesse,” based on Jesse, Elvis’ brother who died during childbirth.

– Bob, John and Dave bonded in Vegas, and when Bob almost quit the show, they talked him out of it.

– Candace’s first on-screen kiss was her first kiss — and Lori Loughlin walked her through it, with the help of John Stamos. Meanwhile, John thought that Paula Abdul was “the one.” You know, for a minute.

– John, Bob and Dave did Whippits backstage, before going out in front of the live audience.

– Bob was sort of a Debbie Downer. And by sort of, I mean a lot. He also went through a divorce right after the show end.

– John met Rebecca Romijn backstage at a fashion show — and Lori and her husband split shortly after. Ugh for bad timing. #JesseAndBeckyForever

– Dave introduced Candace to her now-husband, Val Bure. However, I will say this — the Olsens did not attend their wedding, but Steve (Scott Weinger) did.

And A Few Last-Minute Questions

– Why did the Olsens look so old when they joined the show…when they were toddlers in season one?

– Why was DJ’s finale prom dress not gold?

– Why weren’t the Olsens in the finale?

– Why were the Olsens at Candace’s wedding?

What did you guys think of ‘The Unauthorized Full House Story?’

— Emily Longeretta