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5SOS Singer Luke Hemmings ‘Obsessed’ With Selena Gomez? Built ‘Love Shrine’ To Her

Thu, August 20, 2015 12:15pm EDT by 36 Comments

Selena Gomez needs to watch out, because according to the rest of 5 Seconds of Summer, their guitarist and lead singer, Luke Hemmings, is crushing on her HARD. He’s apparently obsessed with Selena, and is showing it in some…interesting ways.

The 5SOS guys threw a few shots at their bandmate, Luke Hemmings, 19, when they were interviewed after a concert by Entertainment Tonight on August 17. They let everyone know that Luke is obsessed with Selena Gomez, 23, to the extent that he’s sending her letters and building shrines in his house. Wait. What?

Okay, they were just kidding! Luke does have a massive crush on Selena (who doesn’t?), but there’s nothing weird going on here…that we know of. The guys were just teasing their friend, but dudes, maybe live television isn’t the place to make those claims! Even though Luke is head over heels for Sel, he’s never quite expressed it to the extent that the guys teased.

“He writes fan mail!” bassist Calum Hood, 19, said. “He actually writes poems as well — ‘My Dear Selena.'” Oh my god, that’s too good. How embarrassing for poor Luke! His other bandmates, Ashton Irwin, 21, and Michael Clifford, 19, chimed in for more teasing. “He has a love shrine in the kitchen!” Ashton said. “Yeah, that love shrine is so weird!” Michael replied.

Luke definitely felt the brotherly love that night. We bet he really wasn’t appreciating the fact that Selena could probably look this interview up whenever she wanted! But maybe it’s good that they got the word out there; Selena’s single and ready to mingle! Plus, Luke has actually tried to make things happen with the “Good For You” singer before and totally chickened out.

Luke admitted before in an interview with Australian radio Nova FM that he follows Selena on Twitter, and that he once tried to DM her, but bailed at the last second because he didn’t “want to be creepy.” A gentlemanly move! But with his bandmates ribbing him, he had something to confess.

“No, I’m not actually that obsessed with Selena. Galena Somez? Oh! You mean Galena Somez!” Luke joked in the ET interview. “Galena is kinda hot.” We caught that “She’s Kinda Hot” joke, dude. Clever! Selena — Galena — whoever you are, the ball’s in your court now, girl! HollywoodLifers, do you think Selena and Luke would make a good couple? Tell us in the comments and be sure to take our poll!

— Samantha Wilson