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Eli & Peyton Manning Prank College Kids In Hilarious New Gatorade Ad — Watch

Tue, August 18, 2015 11:23am EDT by 2 Comments

You gotta sweat it to get it! Eli and Peyton Manning want to make sure everyone knows the value of Gatorade– which means a hilarious prank on some unsuspecting college kids. Watch this immediately.

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning didn’t get to where they are without sweat. The two NFL stars (who are also brothers) are teaming up for a new online video series, in which they make trips to college campuses around the country, and film their interactions with students with a hidden camera. In this first preview, a couple kids just want some Gatorade, but on the Manning brothers’ watch, they’re gonna have to work for it.

The two students approach their campus’s Gatorade machine in the student lounge, however, they quickly realize it’s out of order (of sorts). They begin to walk away, until a by standing janitor stops them. “You’re not gonna get it that way,” he tells them. “For this to work, you gotta work.”

The guys look confused. “You gotta work?” one asks. Their questions are far from answered as Eli and Peyton walk into the room and casually take a seat at a table. It’s clear by the boys’ furrowed brows and speechlessness that they can’t believe what’s happening. “That’s like, Peyton Manning! And that’s like, Eli Manning!” one of them says.

Anyways, back to the task at hand: obtaining Gatorade. “You’ start to sweat, you’ll get your Gatorade,” Eli says. The boys understand, and begin to jog/dance/shuffle in place. “Start high fiving each other,” Peyton tells them. So silly. “Now play Patty Cake!” Eli adds. Man, these guys are tough! They continue to pull the stunt a few more times with other kids who walk into the long and, we feel bad saying it, but it doesn’t stop being funny.

Are you excited to see the Manning brothers get their prank on all over the country?

— Casey Mink