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Hayley Atwell Wants To Be The Next ‘Doctor Who’ & She Should Be

Tue, August 18, 2015 4:13pm EDT by 3 Comments
Hayley Atwell Doctor Who
image courtesy of ABC/BBC

Hayley Attwell wants to be the next person who plays ‘Doctor Who’– a role which has historically been played by men– and she absolutely should be. After all, it’s about time.

We all know from her starring role on Agent Carter that Hayley Attwell is seriously badass and can essentially do anything. Thankfully, Hayley knows that too. Participating in a question and answer session with some of her fans on Twitter, one person asked whether she’d like to appear on Doctor Who, the long running BBC series which has seen 18 actors in the title role (only one of whom was a woman, and only due to a bizarre regeneration). Hayley answered the question with the most awesomely feminist response: she wants to appear on Doctor Who alright– as Doctor Who!

“I’d like to BE Doctor Who,” Hayley wrote to the questioning fan on Twitter. We could not support this idea more.

In this day and age, gender and color blind casting should essentially be a no brainer when considering stars. However, because societal change happens slowly, it’s still an anomaly when it does occur. For example, in the recent superhero smash Fantastic FourKate Mara and Michael B. Jordan played siblings, despite the fact that they are not the same race. Disappointingly, the casting has solicited a ton of race-specific attention.

While there is clearly still so much work to be done, we can take heart in the fact that efforts within the industry are being made by some to diversify casting on grounds of both race and gender. For example, NBC’s upcoming (and highly anticipated) live production of The Wiz, which will air in December, will star none other than Queen Latifah as the all powerful Wizard of Oz, a role traditionally portrayed by a man.

Okay, Powers That Be, now we look to you. Hayley would play Doctor Who. We would watch Hayley play Doctor Who. Would you have the balls to cast Hayley as Doctor Who? Ball is in your court!

Would you want to see Hayley (or another woman) play Doctor Who? Or should the role continually be played by a man?

— Casey Mink