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Chris Brown & French Montana Get Hilariously ‘Punk’d’ By A 9-Year-Old Girl — Watch

Tue, August 18, 2015 10:32am EDT by 1 Comment

Celebrities should once again run for cover. In a sneak peek at the premiere of ‘Punk’d,’ Chris Brown and French Montana get got– big time.

Punk’d is making a triumphant return— this time on BET– and once again, Hollywood will cower in fear. Exhibit A: in a preview for the first episode of the retooled series, which will premiere on Aug. 18, Chris Brown and French Monatana‘s music video gets very rudely interrupted by a little girl, who’s a lot less lost than she’s letting on. You almost feel bad watching the two scramble nervously to figure out the situation. But then again, you don’t at all because this is too freaking funny.

As the filming of the music video is cut, we can hear a hidden producer tell the little girl to “walk up to Chris and introduce yourself.” The altercation actually starts off adorably. “I just wanted to say hello,” she tells him. Chris smiles and says hi, before giving the cutie a hug.

The girl then goes on to put Chris in his place. “I think you are an amazing dancer,” she says. “Can I give you some tips, though?” Chris is, understandably, taken aback a bit. “How old are you, 8?”

“I’m 9,” she corrects him. Anyways, once the sassiness has subsided, French asks her who she’s on the set with. She sputters a bit, and the two realize she is unattended. “I’m alone right now… I’m scared,” she admits. After further interrogation from the guys, the whole truth (which we know is actually a big, fat lie) comes out: she had gotten dropped off on the grounds early in the day, and has essentially been chilling all day long, waiting for an adult to step in.

“We gotta call the police,” Chris says, clearly starting to sweat. Too good.

Are you excited to see Chris and French get served? What are your thoughts on the show returning to television?

— Casey Mink