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‘Show Me A Hero’: HBO Miniseries A Slow Burning Masterpiece Or Bore? — Reviews

Mon, August 17, 2015 9:38am EDT by Add first Comment

Based on the book of the same name, ‘Show Me A Hero’ is HBO’s newest miniseries detailing the clashing intersection of class and race. Following its premiere, reviews are rolling in– is the controversial project a hit?

Starring an A-list cast which includes Jim Belushi, Winona Ryder and Catherine Keener, the six-part special debuted its first two episodes on Aug. 16. Adapted from the 1999 nonfiction book by Lisa Belkin about the possible implementation of a housing development in a mostly white neighborhood, David Simon and William F. Zorzi helm the series on the creative front (the two worked together on the now-iconic HBO series, The Wire). So, should you spend summer’s dog days checking out Show Me A Hero? Here are some reviews!

AV Club:

Show Me A Hero is a series well aware of how the past bursts with a sense of the inevitable. My favorite moment of the whole thing might have been the bleeding audio of a phone ringing for over a minute underneath the volume of Nick’s (Oscar Issac) election celebration. The bad news is already coming for him—and judging by these episodes, it’ll be a gripping, fascinating struggle.


Intricate, smartly-written and emotionally taut, HBO’s latest miniseries, Show Me a Hero, is an excellent slice of television with a razor-sharp historical focus… Ultimately, the heavy political nature of this show might prove too dense for some, but the overarching storyline of an important political case highlights the chilling reality of a racial divide and its aftermath, a storyline that has played out from time immemorial in American history.

Given the type of TV we tend to celebrate around these parts, the following statement might be a little surprising, but I promise it’s legitimate. One of the best things you’ll see on TV this year, or any year really, follows a feverish debate about the construction of the low-income housing in an inner suburb of New York City. It’s not about murder or sex or supernatural beings. Even though it’s on HBO, there’s no nudity, very little sex to be seen, and no sad woman crooning in the same bar week after week.


In an age of so much good television, David Simon, William Zorzi and Paul Haggis have pushed themselves to a new level of excellence with Show Me A Hero…Whether you sit down on Sunday night to watch or DVR it, HBO GO it or HBO NOW it, don’t miss this extraordinary effort.

Vanity Fair:

Show Me a Hero is instead about the intricacies of local government, set in the drab rooms where policy is made. This is not broad, intangible nationwide legislation. It’s immediate, and personal, which makes its setbacks all the more frustrating, its victories the more heartening.

What do you guys think of the reviews? Will you check out Show Me A Hero?

— Casey Mink