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The Vamps On Naming Their Band After ‘Twilight’: We Are ‘Obsessed’ — Listen

Fri, August 14, 2015 1:26pm EDT by Add first Comment
image courtesy of HollywoodLife

We’ve been there, guys! Heartthrob boyband The Vamps recently dropped by the HollywoodLife podcast to chat about the origin of their group’s name– and it is totally related to ‘Twilight’!

Circa 2008, we were all obsessed with Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson‘s character from Twilight. But The Vamps, the band currently taking the music industry by storm, has yet to grow out of it– which is totally fine! Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans all dished to us on the HollywoodLife podcast about their obsession with fictional vampires which of course includes Edward, as well as all those blood suckers on The Vampire Diaries! Listen to the hilariously adorable interview!

“Tristan’s a massive fan of Twilight,” James said, totally outing his bandmate. “He’s read all the books.”

Tristan owned up to it, though. “[Rob Pattinson] is just a great guy, an overall smashing guy,” he said. “Well, I’m a fan of both, he was great in Harry Potter as well.” Truth. So, how did Tristan’s interest in vamps carry over to the band’s all important name? Again, all Tristan!

“These guys found each other and didn’t really know what to call the band,” Tristan explained. “And then I came in and was like, ‘hey, what about The Vamps?'” As they say, the rest is history! And don’t worry, Tristan is an equal opportunist, because he loves TVD as well. Asked which of the guys is a fan of the CW series, Connor was quick to answer, “Tristan as well– he just loves vampires.”

Anyways, onto non-vampire related matters. The guys have been touring up a storm lately which is thrilling but understandably taxing. However, the road doesn’t keep the boys (who are all 19-20 years old) from experimenting in the dating scene. “It’s doable,” Brad said as to whether dating is possible while on tour. “If it’s the right person and you want to commit to it then you’ll make it work.”

Hm, so speaking of the right person, would any of the boys every consider dating a fan? “We haven’t but we wouldn’t rule it out,” Brad said. “We’ve been doing a meet and greet at each show where we’re meeting around 100 girls every night,” added James. 100 girls a night? Talk about a bountiful selection!

Do you guys love the way The Vamps came up with their name?

— Casey Mink