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Selena Gomez Raps A$AP Rocky’s Verse From ‘Good For You’ — Watch

Thu, August 13, 2015 9:17am EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments

Someone has major skills! You have to check out this awesome video of Selena Gomez laying down A$AP Rocky’s rap verse from her latest single, ‘Good For You.’ Click inside to WATCH!

Selena Gomez, 23, might have a future in rap music if the whole pop star thing doesn’t work out for her. During a radio interview with KISSFM in Los Angeles, Calif., Sel showed off her secret rapping skills by spitting out A$AP Rocky‘s verse on her sexy single, “Good For You.” Just wait until you see her go!

Not only does she have a beautiful singing voice, but it turns out that Selena can rock it with the top rap artists, too. Of course when it comes to her own music, Selena has the lyrics down pat — even if they aren’t the ones she’s singing on the track. Selena proved herself worthy of being a rap queen when she performed just a few lines of A$AP’s verse from “Good For You,” leaving radio DJ JoJo Wright very impressed!

In the video above, Selena needs a little coaxing before she gets started, and once JoJo tells her they can bleep her out if she swears, it’s on. Selena slides right into the verse, even throwing her hands up and getting really into the rapper “role” if you will. Work it, girl!

Once Selena’s done she breaks out in giggles, reverting right back to the adorable young lady she is. From having major street cred to being a total sweetheart, Selena is definitely making her fans proud daily. They are so lucky to have her as their role model!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is Selena a good rapper? Should she record a rap song? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox