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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Big A Reveal Was Totally Disappointing & Frustrating — Here’s Why

Wed, August 12, 2015 9:24am EDT by Lauren Cox 29 Comments

So, it happened…  after 6 seasons, ‘PLL’ finally revealed who their masked villain only known as ‘A’ is. But, as a longtime fan, I found the story behind how A came to be difficult to accept. Let’s discuss!

On the Aug. 11 mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) finally comes face-to-face with A, someone who has tortured her and her friends for years. Although the unveiling was a relief all around, and it came with an unexpected and clever twist, I find it very disturbing that we were supposed to feel bad for the person who wreaked havoc on teenagers for so long.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Seriously, if you have not watched the PLL mid-season finale and have somehow evaded spoilers on social media, please stop reading now. You’ve been warned!

Alright, so here it is: A turned out to be CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray). You have to admit, she had always been suspicious, even when she was “helping” Alison and her friends, so in some ways, it made sense. The plot twist that she is transgender and was born a boy named Charles DiLaurentis, aka Alison’s brother, was a definite surprise. It was nice to finally have an answer, a face to blame for all of the madness we’ve seen Ali, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria go through, but why were we supposed to feel bad for her?

Yes, it was heartbreaking to hear that Mr. DiLaurentis, who I have hated since the beginning, was so cruel to Charles because he was different. It was even more upsetting to learn that when Charles put baby Ali into the bathtub full of water, he was actually just trying to help her. But, when CeCe revealed that her clocking Ali in the back of the head with a large rock was actually an “accident” you have to admit that things took a weird turn.

As CeCe’s story continued, I realized that even after she nearly killed her own little sister we were supposed to continue feeling bad for her. Sure, it was an accident, but she also stood by and watched as their mother buried Ali’s body in the backyard. When she began to believe that Ali was still alive, she nearly killed Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria on numerous occasions. But no, she was still throwing herself a pity party, trying to prove that she actually “cared” about Alison and the girls while all of this was happening.

So, did she care about them when she locked them in an underground dollhouse and tortured them physically and mentally? When she drugged them, covered them in blood, and let them believe that they had somehow hurt one another? What about when she drugged them and let them wake up stark naked inside a fake morgue? Honestly, how can we continue to feel bad for CeCe after she continuously dragged those five girls, not to mention Mona, through absolute insanity? The cold, hard truth is that CeCe is a nutcase and she definitely doesn’t deserve our pity.

I’m glad this A’s reign of terror is over, but I am really annoyed that we were almost forced to feel bad for someone who was so awful to the characters we love. Now, when do we find out who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Did you find yourself feeling bad for CeCe? Why or why not? Are you happy with the ending, or did you find it frustrating? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox