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Kristin Stewart On Sexuality: Why She Doesn’t Find It Necessary To Say ‘I’m Coming Out’

Wed, August 12, 2015 10:38am EDT by Lauren Cox 36 Comments

Don’t expect Kristen Stewart to label her sexuality any time soon. In a new interview, the actress explains why she’ll never define herself by ‘coming out’ as gay, straight, bi, or otherwise.

Kristen Stewart, 25, was asked to define her sexuality once and for all in NYLON‘s Sept. 2015 issue, but she refuse to do so. However, Kristen’s reason for not confirming or denying who she is — or isn’t — attracted to sexually is not the one you’re probably thinking.

There has been a lot of speculation about Kristen’s sexuality since she and Robert Pattinson ended their relationship for good in early 2014. Now, for the very first time, Kristen is slamming the idea that she has to “define” or “label” herself and her sexuality. Speaking to NYLON in their Sept. 2015 issue, the American Ultra actress explains her views on sexuality — and why she may never categorize herself just because society wants her to.

“If you feel like you really want to define yourself, and you have the ability to articulate those parameters and that in itself defines you, then do it,” Kristen said when asked to “define” her sexuality. “But I am an actress, man. I live in the f–king ambiguity of this life and I love it. I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, ‘I’m coming out!’ No, I do a job.”

Kristen also went on to reveal that she truly believes one day society will do away with labeling people by their sexual preference. “I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight,” she shared. “It’s like, just do your thing.”

As someone who has almost always marched to the beat of their own drum, it’s no surprise that Kristen is putting her foot down when it comes to discussing her sexuality. Whatever she prefers, that’s her business!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you agree with Kristen’s decision not to label herself? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox