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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: [SPOILER] Revealed As ‘A’ In Shocking Finale

Tue, August 11, 2015 9:10pm EDT by Avery Thompson 14 Comments

OMG. The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ fandom is going to need a minute (or 10) to process all that went down on the Aug. 11 summer finale. The Liars came face-to-face with ‘A,’ and the reveal was absolutely shocking.

Today, Aug. 11, will go down in history as the most jaw-dropping episode of Pretty Little Liars ever. The world came face-to-face to “A,” and our lives will never be the same. So many questions from over the past six years were finally answered. You’ll never believe what went down.
Alison and the girls ran up to the roof and pleaded with “A” not to jump. Alison said she would do “whatever it takes” to help, and even the Liars were begging “A” not to do anything crazy. They understood “A” after hearing his/her story. The police had “A” surrounded. It was now or never.

That’s when we flashbacked to earlier in the night. Hanna was trying to call the DiLaurentis house looking for Alison. The moms were still locked in the basement. The girls were still stuck at prom because the boys made them stay. They went rogue after Aria thought she heard someone else in that creepy maze thing. They spotted someone in a red cape — it was Mona! She’d been following Alison, but she’d lost her.

Apparently, crafty Charles had created his own cellular network. The girls headed to the Carassimi Group, and they decided that Rhys was Charles. Meanwhile, “A”/Charles was dragging Jason, who looked deader than dead. Alison woke up in what looked like Charles’ room at Radley. She saw her dad lying on the floor, looking just like Jason.

There was a lock code to get in the room at the office. Nothing was working, even Mona couldn’t crack it. That’s when Sara remembered that Charles would give her a red, white and blue cupcake every year on Sept. 7 while she was in the dollhouse. That worked! “See, we are smarter than Charles,” Mona said. LOL. The room opened up into this high-tech lair. Sara didn’t tag along. She let the doors shut, locking them inside. I KNEW SHE WAS SHADY.

They touched the red button glaring at them, and it opened up this crazy live feed. They saw Jason and Mr. D on the floor, while Alison was yelling at “A,” “You’re family!” That’s when “A” turned around — IT WAS CECE DRAKE!

You guys, CeCe Drake is “A.” OMG.

Valley Of The Dolls

“They never understood how much I loved you,” CeCe said. “You were like my very own living doll.” Wait, what?! We flashbacked to baby Alison in her crib and Charles playing with a girls’ tea set. Alison was crying, and Charles tried to make her feel better by giving her a bath. He dropped Alison in the tub, pretty much disregarding the fact that Alison was an infant and can’t swim. But it was a simple misunderstanding. Mr. D didn’t care. Charles was put in Radley. He would ask Mrs. D to buy him dresses while he was locked inside. Now the two yellow dresses make sense. (P.S. The girls realized that Tanner was likely working for CeCe, and the police wouldn’t be coming.)

Just so Alison knew, CeCe said that Jason and Mr. D could hear them, they just couldn’t move. CeCe was not a fan that Mr. D never visited her/Charles in Radley. Everyone felt bad for Jason, no one felt bad for Mr. D.

CeCe revealed that Mrs. D would always buy Charles the same outfits as Alison growing up. “Almost like we were twins,” CeCe said. We flashbacked to Bethany and Charles on the roof. Charles was in a dress. That’s when Mrs. Cavanaugh walked up there. Charles couldn’t risk being seen in a dress, and Bethany said she would distract her, but she just pushed Toby’s mom off the roof! Bethany went bonkers and blamed it on Charles.

Apparently, Mrs. D paid off Wilden to make sure Toby’s mom’s death was ruled as a suicide. Spencer was floored. All this time, Toby thought his mom chose to leave him. Mrs. D sacrificed Toby for Charles, and Mrs. D taught Charles to be “A.” The next few years after Mrs. Cavanaugh’s death were a drug-fueled daze. They only let Charles out for a funeral — his own. They buried “Charles” at Aunt Carol’s. That’s when Mrs. D finally accepted CeCe as her daughter, but her real name was technically Charlotte.

Mona, Mona, Mona

The girls discovered that CeCe was holding Alison and the rest of the DiLaurentis’ up at Radley. There was also another person there — RED COAT! And it looked like CeCe was about to blow up Radley. Gulp.

Back to the past, Charlotte/CeCe was allowed to attend classes at UPenn. One day class got cancelled, and that’s when she met Jason. Yep, Jason dated his sister. Ew. CeCe tried to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but IT WAS. Mrs. D didn’t know CeCe was Charlotte until the day they left for Cape May. CeCe got pissed at Mrs. D for burying the secret of who she was. “I lied to him so you could finally be you,” Mrs. D said. Alright, Mrs. D. Alright.

Alison was kind of upset that CeCe didn’t just come clean back then. Well, she didn’t, so let’s move on. Bethany snuck out of Radley one night, and she was going after Mrs. D. CeCe thought she was hitting Bethany, but was actually hitting Alison. Mrs. D buried Alison, and she was still trying to cover up for her other daughter.

Mona was now shedding major tears. She confessed that she killed Bethany. She hated Alison enough to kill her, except she didn’t. She murdered a semi-innocent person. After that debacle, Radley took away CeCe’s out privileges. Then someone else we all know and love entered Radley — MONA! CeCe was fascinated by Mona’s stories. Hearing what Mona was doing to the girls was music to her ears. Yep, Mona was the OG “A.” The whole time, Mona thought CeCe was Alison, and CeCe stopped seeing her before Mona snapped out of her drug daze.

CeCe said she could never trust Mona and let Hanna know that it was Mona who hit her back in season two. Hanna pretty much forgave Mona on the spot. However, now that CeCe was in the clear regarding who Mona thought she was, she had an in to the “A” game. She offered to help Mona play the game if she got her out of Radley. Her first task was making friends in Rosewood. This is all starting to make sense. CeCe said she was angry the Liars thought Alison was gone. Girl, chill.

The One With The Other Red Coat

CeCe admitted that she kept seeing a blonde in this Red Coat following the Liars. CeCe knew that if Alison were alive, she would show up if the girls were in trouble. The girls thought Alison was flying the plane that night, but CeCe had sent a decoy. Sara Harvey was the other Red Coat. Mona needed her to be. And that night, Sara was supposed to keep her busy while CeCe tracked the girls, but then Shana showed up. This part is really confusing, to be honest.

Alison got real with CeCe. “If you really cared about me, then why did you keep playing the game?” she asked. CeCe admitted that when the girls thought they killed “A” in New York, it was the perfect time to leave the country and the drama behind. But she loved playing the gAme.

Honestly, CeCe is really crazy. “I’m not a bad person,” she said. LOL to the end of time. She only got really frustrated with Alison when she didn’t listen. Alison stressed that CeCe couldn’t just steal people and pretend they’re her dolls. “I love all of my dolls,” CeCe said. “That’s why you’re still alive.” CeCe, let’s take it down a notch. She revealed that she would never have let anything really bad happen to the girls. Um, what?!

Game Over

In other news, CeCe killed Wilden after she found out he knew Alison was still alive. Sara was also the Black Widow. Sara’s part in everything left Emily reeling. They had to get out of that room, like, ASAP. Since the girls knew “A” better than anyone, they knew “A” had an escape plan. Mona whipped out her shoe, which also happened to be a knife and broke the glass wall. Mona stayed behind while the girls went searching for Alison.

CeCe also found Mrs. D’s body, but we still didn’t get the answer as to who killed Mama DiLaurentis. The girls made their way to Radley and saw Red Coat a.k.a. Sara. She set the bomb timer off, and all CeCe had to do was push. Alison begged her not to. CeCe pushed the button, but they didn’t end up being blown to smithereens, thanks to Spencer. As a way of showing Sara how she felt about her involvement in everything, Emily punched the lights out of her. Praise!

The girls made it to the roof, and we were back where the episode started. Just when you thought CeCe was about to take her own life, she jumped down from the ledge. “Game over,” she said.

And that’s a wrap on the first half of season six. Now we jump forward five whole years. We now know who “A,” but the drama is far from over. I’m ready. To hold you over until then, I have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sasha Pieterse on Ali’s life after the time jump!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the Pretty Little Liars finale? What do you think about “A’s” identity? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson