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‘America’s Got Talent’ Recap: Triple Threat Seriously Stumbles In Week 12

Tue, August 11, 2015 10:07pm EDT by 8 Comments

Oh no! During week 12 of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ fan-favorite act Triple Threat got seriously buzzed by the judges! Could they be in trouble when results roll around?

Twelve acts took to the America’s Got Talent stage on Aug. 11, but only 7 would make it through on the following evening’s results show. For our fav boy band Triple Threat, who got hardcore buzzed by some of the judges, that might be worrisome news. However, it wasn’t all bad: we also got signature weirdness from Piff the Magic Dragon which involved some near-puppy bludgeoning. Seriously. It was strange. Check out a full recap!

Here’s how it all went down:

Siro-A: This insane dance crew combined electronic music with mind blowing graphics– which included the faces of our judges Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. Needless to say, they got all of Radio City Music Hall on its feet. As Mel B said, “That is how you open up a show.” Agreed.

Alondra Santos: Our second chance gal (who is only 13), the one with the incredible pipes who only made it through because a spot opened up. Well, she might make voters eat their words because this Flamenco-style song and dance is phenomenal. “I am so glad we called you back,” Howie said. “I couldn’t stop moving my biddie-biddie-bum-bum,” he added. Uh agreed (though we would’ve used different phrasing, probably).

Vita Radionova: Next up, pulling some totally insane optical illusions with the presence of mirrors, this flaming-haired contortionist pretty much defied all my preexisting understanding of what it physically means to be human. In other words: dayum. “I bet that the boys like this a lot,” Heidi Klum said. We can’t imagine why.

Triple Threat: Next up, our fav lil’ boy band looking as adorbs as ever. They pretty much slay my heart with their song selection: Destiny’s Child classic, “Say My Name,” reminding us all why we fell in love with these guys. However (!), it isn’t great, to be honest. In fact, it was so rough that they actually got the buzzer from Howard and Mel! Ex-freaking-scuse-me! “All of the charm went out of the act tonight,” Howard said. I mean, it wasn’t their best, but you don’t buzzer the boys. I’m nervous.

The Gentlemen: We all remember these two hip-hop dancing prodigies (who are 9 and 12, respectively). They continue to demonstrate their jaw dropping break-it-down abilities this week. No but seriously, these boys are being controlled by robots or something, right? It wasn’t their most insane, though. “I just saw a lot of repeated steps,” Mel said (kinda accurately). “You’re still good– really good,” she added.

Piff the Magic Dragon: He’s back and ready for more, y’all. For this week’s dragon-tastic demonstration, Piff creates a Game of Thrones reenactment– with Howie’s help. Howie has to guess which box Piff’s dog is in, before it is catapulted to the ground and then beaten. Hard. It is… Well, strange, but everything Piff does is strange. “I don’t know,” Heidi said, speaking for us all. “I did not enjoy [it].”

Benton Blount: Hard working papa Benton takes the stage next. He sings the totally touching “Say Something,” backing himself on guitar, while the stage is bathed in suitable blue light. It’s a little slow, but damnit if those aren’t tears filling up my eyes. He’s a great performer, but that was kinda forgettable, no?

Craig and Michelline: The couple whose gravity-defying moves and physical chemistry almost literally sets the dance floor ablaze. Dancing to “Tainted Love” doesn’t do anything to dispel that theory. Hot dayum, you guys. “I like this act and I like it all along,” Howard said. “If I was sitting at home and had to vote for a dance act, I love your pure strength.” Amen. A freaking men.

Drew Lynch: The hilarious standup who struggles with a stutter takes to the stage next, mic in hand of course. “Remember me?” he says, laughing. And then he totally makes fun of Piff and his dog stunt which, honestly, thank you, Drew. “You check every box for me… You are triumph in the face of adversity,” Howie said. Very true, and he remains very inspiring.

Showproject: Some of the world’s best gymnasts ever take to the bars, doing their best flips and what ever the heck else they do to Nick Jonas‘ “Chains” and, honestly, if gymnastics were ever to be done in, like, a club, it’d be just like this. This was seriously dope, and shockingly contemporary. “You bring an edge and a hipness to gymnastics,” Howie says. I mean, literally borrow my words, Howie.

Paul Zerdin: The quirky Brit ventriloquist who seems to be enjoying the Big Apple– along with his right hand man of course, is next. Not gonna lie, no matter how much I watch this guy, I cannot believe that he is making the voice coming out of his dummy. Truly impressive. And then, somehow, Paul steps away and leaves Sam to his own devices. This is a serious trip. “Favorite act of the night,” Howie said simply. He might just be right about that.

Samantha Johnson: The girl who’s had a tough go of it is the final contestant to take the stage this evening. Her performance, like her story, is touching and powerful. This gal has some bonkers pipes and, singing “California Dreaming,” her performance is almost frightening because it’s got so much pure oomph. Well, that’s how you shut down the night. Standing ovations all around. Bye, y’all.

What did you guys think of this week’s performances? Who was your fav? Are you worried they’ll be sent packing tomorrow?


— Casey Mink