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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: A New Enemy Arrives & Theo Saves Liam & Hayden

Mon, August 10, 2015 11:57pm EDT by Avery Thompson 1 Comment

Saving Liam and Hayden was the no. 1 priority for the Beacon Hills gang on the Aug. 10 episode of ‘Teen Wolf.’ Despite Scott’s determination, it was Theo who made the dramatic rescue.

There’s only two episodes left until season 5A of Teen Wolf is over, and everything is starting to crumble for our favorite characters. On the Aug. 10 episode, Deaton (Seth Gilliam) came face-to-face with a formidable new foe, Kira (Arden Cho) made a heartbreaking decision, Scott (Tyler Posey) took big risks to find Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles), but it was shady Theo (Cody Christian) who saved the day.

Two dudes who looked like The Dread Doctors went investigating. Oh, wait. It’s actually Deaton and someone else. They were trying to find evidence of The Dread Doctors’ lair. The guy said he’d heard that the Doctors had no face underneath the mask.

They found failed experiments on fetuses and a large tooth. For Deaton, the tooth was a clue. Before Deaton and his partner could leave, the DESERT WOLF showed up and shot his friend dead. It’s safe to say that Deaton is in big trouble.

Mama McCall called Sheriff Stilinski to the house after she found the dead girl. The first question Stilinski had was: “Anyone seen Kira tonight?” Just jump to conclusions why don’t you? Stilinski didn’t hesitate to call the police. That’s when we saw the slap heard around the world, courtesy of Melissa. Stilinski didn’t want to cover this up. The kids may deal with things outside of the law, but they weren’t above the law.

Scott was on the hunt for Liam and Hayden, but there was no trace of them. The poor kids were at the mercy of The Dread Doctors, hooked up to God knows what. Liam pleaded with the deadly trio not to touch her, but they just knocked him out cold. Once he came to, he saw Hayden was in major pain. He tried to take the pain away, but it didn’t work. (At least he tried! My sweet baby wolf is so selfless.)

Liam did what he could for Hayden, comforting her and holding her hand. I am feeling so many feelings. When they tried taking those gross tubes out of their arms, things just got nasty. The Dread Doctors then showed up and injected them both with huge needles. Jesus.

All Hands On Deck To Save Baby Wolf

Meanwhile, Kira was just walking aimlessly down the road. A police officer stopped her and brought her into the station. Because, you know, someone had just been murdered with a sword, and everyone knew Kira was the sword-wielding queen in Beacon Hills. Theo wanted to take Stiles to the hospital after their brush with death, but when Stiles heard about the homicide, the hospital was the last thing on his mind. Except his jeep, of course.

After last week’s gross makeout session with Lydia, Parrish tried to make us forget all about it by being naked. Holla. He learned about the new murder, which meant it was a new body for him to claim.

Scott went to the station to talk to Kira, but he really didn’t have time for her trouble. He had to save Liam and Hayden. With all the craziness going on with Kira, she had to ask Scott if she thought she could have killed that girl. When Scott got a look at the sword that did the deed, he got an idea. He went straight to Corey and started reading his mind, searching for clues about The Dread Doctors. He discovered they were at a water treatment plant!

Bending The Rules

Liam and Hayden woke up to find a guy named Zach watching them. He was also one of the “experiments.” And, boy, was he one. When he asked them to look at his back, it looked like he’d had a pair of wings chopped off. Seriously gross stuff, guys. He’d seen three people get dragged out by The Dread Doctors and figured out a few things. Bleeding black was OK, but gray was not. Later, The Dread Doctors came for Zach. He’d been bleeding gray.

Stiles was not a fan of the gang going headfirst in the search for Liam and Hayden. Things could go seriously wrong. Despite his hesitation, Mason and Malia tagged along with Scott. Theo stayed behind because he’s shady. Scott started to need his inhaler in the midst of their quest. Theo and Lydia were watching Corey back at the house and pried him for more answers. He remembered a broken stone wall where it looked like a bomb went off. Remember that place? Parrish had been there before.

Deputy Clark uncovered that there were two key cards used the night of the 911 call at the high school a.k.a. the night Stiles killed Donovan. The key cards belonged to Stiles and Theo. Mama McCall was still pissed at him. With his son now involved in mysterious things, she said, “Maybe you should learn to bend a little before someone breaks.” Preach! The police took the body of the dead woman to the morgue under police guard. Stilinski asked Stiles about the key cards, and the police man’s son lied to his dad. He was morally conflicted about it, though.

The morgue was on full heat blast as the cops watched over the body. That’s when rogue and fiery Parrish showed up. Yep, he stole another body. What’s new?

‘Something’s Changed’

Hayden and Liam continued to bond amidst their strife. Even though Scott, Mason and Malia were searching, it was THEO who found them. He got shocked by the electric fence, but those volts were no match for him. Yes, he might be totally evil, but he makes me swoon. He drove Liam and Hayden home. Hayden’s pain wasn’t going away, and she believed she was a goner. That’s when Liam kissed her! And the pain was gone. They casually started making out in the backseat with Theo watching. Totally fine, guys.

Everyone praised and hugged Theo for his heroic rescue. Scott felt disappointed he wasn’t the one to save them. Later, he pondered what had happened and had a breakthrough. “Something’s changed,” he told his mom. “Something’s changed with me and my friends. Something’s changed. I think it’s because of me, and I don’t know how to fix it.” Be right back, SOBBING!

Elsewhere in the episode, Kira remembered she’d crossed paths with The Dread Doctors when she returned at the beginning of the year. She realized that she was not all right. When she asked Scott to look at her with his other eyes, he saw the fox. They shared an emotional kiss in the rain, and she left Beacon Hills. Come back!

Stiles figured out — because he’s the actual true detective — that Parrish was the one taking the bodies. Since Stydia is endgame, Lydia realized where he was taking them!

The Desert Wolf was anxious to know about Malia. Deaton denied knowing Malia when the Desert Wolf asked. Knowing he was likely lying, she said, “If she is still alive, I’m just going to have to kill her again.” OMG.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Teen Wolf? Do you think Liam and Hayden will make it? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson