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Steve-O Arrested: ‘Jackass’ Star Booked For Climbing Crane To Protest Seaworld

Mon, August 10, 2015 11:12am EDT by 2 Comments
Steve-O Arrested

Steve-O hasn’t gotten over his daredevil ways from his days on MTV stunt show ‘Jackass’, but this time it was for a righteous cause — to bad it ended in his arrest! Steve-O’s ready to do anything for you, Shamu!

Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover, 41, was arrested in Hollywood on the night of August 9 after climbing to the top of a crane to protest SeaWorld. Not your normal means of protest, but when has anyone from Jackass ever done things the ordinary way? Steve-O is going to do anything to save you, Shamu! Click through to watch his insane stunt!

Steve-O trespassed on a construction site in Hollywood on August 9, where he scaled a 100-foot crane, according to the LAPD. When he reached the top, the Jackass alum inflated a gigantic balloon shaped like a killer whale, with “SeaWorld Sucks” written on the side. He either lit fireworks or firecrackers to illuminate his message. His reason? He’s a passionate advocate of shutting down the park, which he believes is a terrible environment for its animals.

Emergency responders fled to the scene because they weren’t sure if he needed to be rescued. Not good, Steve-O! Ambulances and firetrucks raced to the construction site, where firefighters inflated a huge cushion in case Steve-O fell. You got yourself in a huge mess this time, dude!

There’s no way he can talk his way out of this one either; Steve-O throughly documented his plans, and the whole ordeal on his Facebook page, in several videos and pictures. On August 8, he made his plans known in an ominous post, showing the Jackass star holding the whale balloon: “This is Shammy. We’re going to do a big dangerous stunt in Los Angeles tomorrow that will probably get me in a lot of trouble, and you can watch it happen via a live stream, right here on Facebook, starting at exactly 7pm PST. See you then… ‪#‎yeah dude‬.” Yikes!

In a series of videos, Steve-O shows the whole process, from packing up his supplies, to scaling the crane and letting his whale balloon fly — to even realizing he’s about to get booked. “Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?” he captioned his very last post. Quick — Johnny Knoxville!

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the first time that Steve-O has gotten in trouble for protesting SeaWorld. He was cited a $239 fine (but not arrested) in December 2014 for defacing a freeway sign in San Diego, home of his hated aquatic park. The placard on the I-5 for SeaWorld Drive was altered to read “SeaWorld Sucks.” There’s a theme here!

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— Samantha Wilson