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‘True Detective’ Recap: Two Major Characters Suffer Violent Deaths In Finale

Sun, August 9, 2015 11:38pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

Everything came to a close on the Aug. 9 season finale of ‘True Detective.’ Plans were made, blood was shed and some characters didn’t make it out alive.

After an interesting second season, True Detective attempted to bring things seamlessly together for the season two finale. The Aug. 9 episode was absolutely shocking. Ani (Rachel McAdams) and Ray (Colin Farrell) dealt with the aftermath of Paul’s death, the details surrounding Caspere’s death were revealed and, like Paul (Taylor Kitsch), two characters didn’t live to see another day.

Well, Ani and Ray definitely slept together. Ani admitted that Ray was a little rusty, like he was “making up for lost time.” Ray’s body looked much better than his hair. Ani was looking back on the man who’d taken her away. She called that moment in her life a “black hole,” but it was anything but. She revealed that the man didn’t force her to go with him. “I felt proud. I was proud that he thought I was pretty,” she said.

Ray looked pretty uncomfortable hearing her talk about it all. Ani had never opened up like this before. To even the emotional score, Ray started talking about the guy he thought raped his ex-wife. Despite his previous agony, it was all on a guy who was innocent. The man who’d actually done the horrific act had just been caught. 

Meanwhile, Frank handed Jordan $100,000 and said he would meet up with her in a few weeks. Even though Frank was into some shady business, she didn’t want to leave him. He tried to push her away, but she wasn’t buying it. When he threw his ring out the door, she did the same. “Whatever they do to you, they do to me,” she said. Damn. She’s loyal.

Frank pleaded with her to go. He wouldn’t be able to sleep unless he knew she was safe. He promised to meet her in two weeks. They made a plan — she would wear a white dress, and he would wear a white suit. Making a nice plan for the future allowed them to not think about the present. Nails agreed to protect her. All this talk of two weeks and the look on Frank’s face made it seem like he knew he wouldn’t be meeting them. Expect the worst, and hope for the best. That seemed to be the motto for the characters.

Finally, Some Answers

Remember Paul? Yeah, he was definitely dead. Burris was at the scene acting like he didn’t just shoot Paul dead. He put in a call to Ray. The robbery and diamonds that Caspere was holding over Burris’ head got brought up. Burris told Ray he could make everything go away — Davis’ murder and likely Paul’s murder being pinned on him. Ray sort of agreed to drop by the police department later.

Ray revealed to Ani that Paul was dead. “He was better than us,” Ani said, clearly stunned by the news. Despite Paul’s death, they needed to make a plan. Move forward. Try and get out of this mess. Apparently, there was a set photographer from that movie who could have some answers. They realized that Caspere’s murder just set a whole bunch of other things in motion. Ray said they could leave everything behind and run, but Ani turned her nose up at that.

Frank went to Austin’s house and found him dead in the pool, thanks to drugs and booze. He was looking for Austin’s kids Betty and Tony. Elsewhere, Ani and Ray went investigating and found that crow mask lying inside. They found Erica/Laura handcuffed as well. She confessed how she knew Caspere, specifically how she got hired by Caspere without him knowing her true identity. (Her and her brother were the children of the jewelry store owners who were murdered.)  Erica/Laura got her brother, Len, a job on the movie set. Then she dropped the bomb of how they killed Caspere. She drugged him, and Len got carried away and killed him.

Erica/Laura said Len was going meet Holloway at the train station and kill him. While Ray headed there, Ani took the girl to the train station and sent her off. Ray arrived and found Len, who was a very angry man. Ray took charge. Holloway appeared, with Burris watching from afar. Ray and Holloway sat down for a chat. Holloway had the diamonds. Ray said he wanted freedom in exchange for the hard drive and land documents. Holloway revealed that they were going to blame everything on Ani. Len was listening behind them and eventually attacked Holloway.

A shootout ensued, and Ani saved Ray. Both Holloway and Len were now dead. Ani and Ray ended up at the hidden loft Frank had set up in the bar. He had a ton of guns lying around, so you knew something big was about to go down. Frank and Ani finally met, and he wanted her to give Jordan a message. “Tell her I wanted to be there,” he said. Felicia offered Ray and Ani a way to get to Venezuela to start their new lives.

A Final Salute

Continuing on, Ani discovered Pitlor’s body in his office. He’d slit his wrists. Frank and Ray took the big guns up into the mountains and attacked the cabin with Osip inside. It was a bloodbath. Frank and Ray showed no mercy. They offed McCandless from the Catalast Group and Osip. The boys found so much cash after taking everyone down.

Ray headed back, with hope of starting over with Ani. He almost said “I love you,” but he didn’t. Instead of doing the safe thing and following the plan, he made a pitstop to see Chad. They didn’t say anything to each other; they only gave each other a salute. When Ray returned to his car, he realized someone had put a tracking device on it. He called Ani and pleaded with her to take the files and recordings and get on the boat. Felicia made sure that happened. At this point, Ray knew he wasn’t going to make it. He started making videos and headed into the woods.

Ray dropped the car and ran. Burris and more police were following him. When Burris asked where Ani was, Ray said, “In a better place.” That’s when he stepped out from the shadows, and the police shot him dead. Over in the distance, you could see that the video to Chad failed to upload. Sobs. Ani figured out what Ray had done on the boat. Poor girl.

‘You Made It’

Meanwhile, Frank ran a few errands before his car got hijacked. The men brought him to the middle of nowhere. After a scuffle, Frank got gutted. The men got in their cars and left him there to die. Frank was a determined man, though. He started walking, determined to fight. He started seeing faces, including his father and Jordan. When Jordan appeared in the white dress, she said, “You did it. You made it. You can rest now.”

Frank didn’t want to slow down. That’s when Jordan broke the news. “You stopped moving way back there,” she said, looking back to Frank’s dead body.

To wrap things up, Chad turned out to be Ray’s biological kid (how?!), Woodrugh got a highway named after him, Tony Chessani became mayor and Catalast got the high speed rail up and running. That’s when we realized that Ani had been telling the story the whole time, so everything appears to have been a flashback. (That’s how I perceived it.) She had most of the evidence and was leaving it in the hands of the reporter from earlier in the season. She met up with Jordan, who had a baby in her arms. Only it wasn’t Jordan’s baby — it was Ani and Ray’s kid! The girls took the baby (along with Nails) and headed out to the next phase of their life.

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— Avery Thompson