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Kristen Stewart Pranks Jesse Eisenberg & Asks If He’s Pregnant — Watch

Wed, August 5, 2015 5:42pm EDT by 25 Comments
image courtesy of Funny Or Die

Uh, are congrats in order for Jesse Eisenberg? Not really, but in a super hilarious– and awkward– interview his costar, Kristen Stewart, makes him real uncomfortable and asks if he’s pregnant!

In American Ultra, which hits theaters on Aug. 21, Jesse Eisenberg, 31, and Kristen Stewart25, play a boyfriend-girlfriend pair who find themselves at the center of a massive government operation, forced to fight for their young lives. Off camera, the stakes are a little less life-threatening for the two, however, there is still plenty of opportunity for palm-sweatiness. Case in point, this mock-interview, in which Kristen literally asks Jesse if he’s pregnant. Watch it now for some afternoon LOLs!

Okay, the interview is coming to us from Funny Or Die, so the awkwardness is presumably intentional. Still, it makes us simultaneously cry and laugh watching the whole thing unfold!

“It’d be fun if we interview each other today,” Kristen says as she and Jesse sit across from each other. Jesse takes the first shot. “The question I have for you, Kristen– it’s kind of a strange one actually– how did you bulk up for this role?”

Uh, we’ll let Kristen answer here, but wow Jesse. Maybe don’t ask a woman that kind of thing. Kristen goes next, and asks if Jesse has any favorite designer. At that, a lightbulb goes off in Jesse’s head. “I think they switched our cards…” he wonders. “I do get these questions a lot,” Kristen assures him. So the two keep the gender-bending questions going. Huzzah, feminism!

“Are you pregnant, though?” Kristen presses him further, giving him just a little taste of what she surely has had to weather during every single press cycle she has endured over the last decade. How does it feel, Jesse? Watch the whole (hilarious) thing below!

What do you think of the awkward faux-interview? Funny or kinda silly?

— Casey Mink