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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Dread Doctors Choose Their Next Victims

Tue, August 4, 2015 12:12am EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

The Aug. 3 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ was its craziest and most jaw-dropping yet. Scott and the crew attempted to get the one-up on the Dread Doctors, which led to dangerous consequences and terrifying nightmares.

Another Monday, another shocking episode of Teen Wolf. The Dread Doctors continued their reign of terror, and Scott (Tyler Posey) and his friends were in for a rude awakening on the Aug. 3 episode. The crew teamed up to help Hayden (Victoria Moroles), Theo (Cody Christian) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) spent quality time together, a hot makeout session went down and two innocent characters found themselves in the Dread Doctors’ lair.

Theo looked Stiles in the eye and said he knew what happened to Donovan. Stiles pushed Theo up against the fence, and they exchanged a few intense glares. Theo said he was there but didn’t see who took the body. Despite their not-so good friendship status, Theo and Stiles had to take the body of the chimera Theo just killed in order to find out who was stealing the bodies (cough, it’s Parrish). They brought the body to Scott, and Theo offered to stay behind with it. “It’s not like I have a big Saturday night planned,” Theo said. Sigh. I wish you weren’t two-timing us, Theo!

Liam decided now would be the best time to show his wolf form to Hayden. She immediately punched him in the face. Girl’s got reflexes. When she got into the car, she started hearing the Dread Doctors. They started walking toward her and nearly had her, but Liam saved the day! Unfortunately, she was still a chimera.

Meanwhile, Kira was helping her dad out at the school. But her parents were teaching her a different kind of lesson. Her mom came out of nowhere and became a total ninja boss. Kira fought hard, and her mom challenged her to show her true self — the kitsune. Before Kira killed her own mother, her father stopped her. That fox is no joke.

Scott and the gang had to make a plan to catch one of the Dread Doctors. Stiles and Scott discovered that the strongest convergence of energy was at Beacon Hills High School. They needed to keep Hayden there for the night to lure the Dread Doctors there and disrupt their frequencies. Scott offered to bring Kira along, but she stayed behind. They shared a sweet kiss. Gosh, they are so good for each other.

Bro Time, Chimeras & Skin Grafts

Meanwhile, Theo was at Deaton’s office watching the body. One of the Dread Doctors showed up, and Theo realized they knew who was taking the bodies. He got pissed they weren’t keeping him in the loop on everything. The next moment, the Dread Doctor was gone. They weren’t going to come back with someone standing guard, so Stiles put a camera phone up for surveillance. This meant Theo and Stiles had to spend some quality time together in the Jeep.

Theo confronted Stiles about his beef with him. He said that all he ever wanted from Scott and Stiles was for them to trust him. Stiles still wasn’t budging. Theo said Stiles reminded him of his sister. She looked after him the same way Stiles looked after Scott. He admitted that he was the one who found his sister’s body, but he forgot to mention he watched her die. I so wanted Theo to be a good guy.

While the crew headed to the high school, Kira’s mom was doing some type of acupuncture on Kira. Sheriff Stilinski brought The Dread Doctors book to Mama McCall. He was desperately trying to figure out the connection between all the dead kids. Could there be a medical connection? Tracy had gotten a skin graft on her shoulder as well as Donovan. Tracy’s skin graft was taken from the same species as Donovan’s. Turns out, Tracy, Donovan and Lucas had two sets of DNA — they were all genetic chimeras to begin with. What?!

Tracy Got Your Tongue

The crew barricaded the high school to prep for the Dread Doctors. Parrish was guarding the outside, and he had a gun. Scott was keeping one major thing about the plan from everyone, and Lydia knew it. Hayden was pretty much freaking out at this point about the whole chimera thing. Liam assured her that she was going to be OK. “Who am I?” she asked. “You’re Hayden,” Liam replied. Excuse me while I go sob over the cuteness.

While on the Dread Doctors stakeout, Liam discovered a set of chains. He came to the conclusion that Scott was planning on using Hayden as bait. Scott said someone had to be if they were ever going to catch one of them. For some reason, Hayden was more concerned about her pills than being used as a trap for the Dread Doctors. Scott offered to go get them, and Lydia watched from afar.

Malia heard Parrish appearing to leave the school and got trapped by this insane bear trap. Then she was impaled through the neck. Guys, brace yourselves. It’s about to get so much more disgusting. Scott walked into a classroom and was stabbed by Kira! She said she was the “messenger of death” and started to strangle him. She’s gone nuts! Thankfully, Mason woke Scott up from this nightmare after figuring out that Cory was a chimera.

Lydia saw Tracy in the hallway and asked Lydia to scream. That’s when Tracy pulled out LYDIA’S TONGUE. Where ya at, Stiles?! Since we’re on the subject of Lydia and her tongue, the red-haired beauty and Parrish had a steamy makeout session in his car. Like, they were ripping their clothes off and everything. (#ShouldHaveBeenStydia.) This was likely a dream/nightmare because Lydia transformed into someone who’d been burned alive.


Stiles and Theo continued their talk, and it got real. Theo discussed the punishment for killing a chimera, and Stiles believed he was going to lose Scott once he found out about Donovan. Theo’s shadiness got serious and ten times creepier. He kept pushing Stiles to admit what it felt like when he killed Donovan. When Stiles said it felt “good,” a smile came across Theo’s face. Suddenly, Parrish and his fist full of fire punched Theo and flipped Stiles’ car. Poor Stiles was knocked unconscious, and the Jeep caught on fire!

An injured Stiles is not good for my sanity. Theo came out of nowhere and saved Stiles from the burning car. Is the Jeep dead?! Parrish took the body, and Theo didn’t get a chance to catch a glimpse of him.

Once Scott and the others gathered their wits, Hayden and Liam were gone. The Dread Doctors had them. Liam watched helplessly as the Dread Doctors did something horrible to Hayden. Oh, and Mama McCall walked in on a dead woman’s body with a sword impaled through her chest. Just another day in Beacon Hills!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think about tonight’s Teen Wolf? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson