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‘PLL’ Preview: Spencer Tries To Take The Fall For Toby — Watch

Tue, August 4, 2015 10:40am EDT by 1 Comment

Toby is ready to face his punishment on the Aug. 4 episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ but Spencer is not going to sit back and let him. Check out a sneak peek of the season’s penultimate episode!

On the second to last episode of the season on Pretty Little Liars, it’s finally (finally!) prom night which means tensions are running higher than ever. In fact, with Charles/Freddie/”A” still very much on the loose, everyone is trying just to make it to prom in one piece. One person who is dealing with bigger issues, however, is Toby (Keegan Allen), who’s facing suspension at the force following that accidental mishap with pot gummy bears. You know, the one which altered his state of mind while he was on the clock, thus allowing Charles to escape. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), though, is in no way gonna let him just accept the punishment!

Just as Toby pulls up to the police department, bag in hand, who should come running up in the nick of time? If you guessed Spencer, then you’ve probably watched PLL before!

“Toby! Wait!” Spencer gasps, out of breath as she runs up to the entrance. Obviously, Toby is surprised to see her and asks her reasoning for showing up without warning (really, Spencer, it’s called a text message). “I Just got your message, they can’t suspend you,” Spencer explains. “Just let me talk to Tanner (Roma Maffia). She needs to know that I sent you to the arcade and that the candy was meant for me. You had no idea what was in it.”

However true that may be, Toby is really not interested in having Spencer fighting his battles for him. “You didn’t make me go there, that was my choice,” he barks at her. Just as the two delve into the issue, though, the altercation is cut short by Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey), who also assures Spencer that the investigation has no need for what she’s got to say. Um, ouch.

What do you think, should Toby let Spencer explain what happened to the powers that be?

— Casey Mink