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Matt LeBlanc Takes A Sledgehammer To James Corden — Hilarious Video

Tue, August 4, 2015 12:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

James Corden has got nerves of steel! Uh, sorta. Matt LeBlanc dropped by ‘The Late Late Show’ to play a game of dare-you-not-to-flinch, and the result was beyond ridiculous.

Matt LeBlanc seemed pretty thrilled at the opportunity to take a sledge hammer to James Corden during his Aug. 3 appearance on The Late Late Show. James enlisted Matt, as well as his fellow Showtime network peers William H. Macy and Don Cheadlefor a special game in which all four guys took turns standing behind an impenetrable piece of glass. Each dude had varying objects chucked at the shield (lettuce, eggs, etc.) and were tasked with the harder-than-it-sounds mission not to flinch. Everything goes okay, until Matt decides a sledge hammer might be appropriate when James’ turn rolls around. Check out the hysterical clip!

William takes his turn behind the glass first, with Don at the “pitching” station. He selects the classic apple as his weapon of choice and, impressively, William shows no sign of wincing as the object approaches his face (or an area south of his face).

Next up, it’s William’s turn to choose which object to fire at Don– and his selection does not disappoint. James holds it up and asks William if he knows what it is. Matt interjects (with a very Joey Tribiani inflection), “everybody knows what that is.” The object, it turns out, is a breast implant.

Anyways, let’s get to the climax here. After all three guests have stood behind the glass, James takes his turn. Just as Matt and co. are deciding which option to chuck at James, his sidekick, Reggie Watts, emerges with a helpful suggestion. “What about this thing?” he asks, wielding a rather large sledgehammer. “There’s a big difference between an egg and a sledge hammer!” James bemoans. Maybe so, but that fact probably isn’t going to help you here, bud. Watch the whole clip for a good laugh (and to make your palms slightly sweaty!).

Do you think it was unfair for Matt to utilize machinery in his tactics?

— Casey Mink