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‘UnREAL’: Johanna Braddy Previews Unexpected Finale, Season 2 Hopes

Mon, August 3, 2015 3:46pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments

How is it possible that ‘UnREAL’ is actually coming to an end? On Aug. 3, the finale will air on Lifetime, but first we had to get some scoop from Anna herself, Johanna Brady, on what we should expect, plus, why she doesn’t really blame Chris Harrison for those crazy comments.

“It’s not going to be at all what people expect, I don’t think,” Johanna Braddy told exclusively before the season finale of UnREAL. So, what does she think about the controversy around the show? Season two? Well, we’ve got all those answers right here.

Does Anna have real feelings for Adam going into the finale?
“100%. She’s a little wrapped up in the game at this point and I think she’s going bat crazy. It kinda makes me think of Castaway, when you become friends with the volleyball, you just kind of roll with what you’re given, so that’s why part of her is acting a little out of line. But she has real feelings for Adam. He’s the perfect guy in her mind.

Does Anna know about Rachel at all?
Rachel and him are doing a pretty good job being sneaky.

Season 2? Would you want to come back?
“I would love to come back. it’s my fav show I’ve ever worked on. The episode of the show I’m on now is also the EP of Unreal so who knows maybe we could work something out.

What do you make of Chris Harrison’s comments?
“I just heard about that. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Everyone has their own taste. It doesn’t bother me that he doesn’t care for the show. I guess I understand in the way because people really do compare it directly to The Bachelor, and he’s probably not made out to be the best looking guy, so I get it. I felt like it was something that needed light shed on. There’s so much reality TV; I just had no idea that this is what actually went on.

Do you think that kind of things really happen?
I believe it, yeah. From the people we’ve spoken to who work in that field, they’re like, ‘You guys are hitting the nail on the head with most of it.’

What are your hopes for season two?
Selfishly,. I love the cast, so I say, ‘Yeah let’s do it with the same guy!’ We kept saying that when we were shooting it, Shiri [Appleby] and everyone were like ‘This is gonna be so weird next year — all of you wont be here!’ That’s so uncomfortable to think about. We all get together and watch it when we can; It’s such a special group of people.

What can you say about ‘Quantico’ — more romance coming for you?
I think there’s gonna be a lot of romance with everyone, I think we’ve got that to look forward to. They’re going for sexy edgy fun show, pretty similar to Anna in her strength and she has multiple sides to her.

The season finale of UnREAL airs tonight at 10PM on Lifetime.

— Emily Longeretta