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‘The Intern’ Trailer: Robert De Niro Gives Adam DeVine Dating Advice — Watch

Mon, August 3, 2015 10:07am EDT by 1 Comment

In the new trailer for ‘The Intern,’ Robert De Niro does the world a service by spreading a bit of his old school charm to a new generation– including Adam DeVine!

In The Intern, which hits theaters on Sept. 25, Robert De Niro will take on the role of, well, an intern to Anne Hathaway‘s high-powered executive. Yup, a 70-year-old intern, working at a startup amongst eager millennials and wide-eyed 24-year-olds. What could possibly go awry? Well, in this brand new trailer, we see the clashing of the generations as Robert explains to Adam DeVine why his emoji-dating tactics aren’t exactly effective.

“How long can a woman be mad at you for?” Adam asks Robert as the object of his affection angrily storms past him. “I assume you’ve talked to her, apologized?” Robert asks, in what should solicit an obvious “yes.” Of course, when it comes to millennials and their social skills, nothing is obvious these days.

“I emailed her,” Adam retorts, as if it’s the most normal response in the world. “In the subject line I wrote, ‘I’m Sorry’ with a bunch of Os so it was like, ‘I’m soooorry’ with a sad emoticon,” he says. Robert, pitifully, just stares back at him, saying everything he needs to say, without saying a word.

The film, from Nancy Meyers, also stars Girls star Andrew Rannells, as well as Zack Pearlman, both of whom inhabit Anne’s burgeoning company. Though a seemingly odd pairing, Robert ends up helping Anne in ways she didn’t know she needed and, likewise, it seems that Anne supplies Robert with whatever it is he’s been missing in his life.

Wow, and to think that all we got out of our internships was some college credit, but like, no hard feelings or anything!

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the film?

— Casey Mink