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Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant Punches His OWN Teammate During A Scrimmage — Watch

Mon, August 3, 2015 12:42pm EDT by 1 Comment

When Dez Bryant’s coach told him to ‘hit ‘em hard,’ he didn’t mean this! Dez got in a scuffle with fellow Dallas Cowboy, Tyler Patmon, during a scrimmage. What started off as a bunch of trash talk ended with Dez punching his own teammate! Click to watch the fight!

Football is a full contact sport — especially when punches start getting thrown! While the Dallas Cowboys were practicing for the 2015 NFL season, things got a little too heated between Dez Bryant, 26, and teammate Tyler Patmon, 24. The friendly game turned violent when Dez and Tyler started swinging!

Yikes! If this is how these guys treat their teammates, imagine how they’ll act when they play an opponent! The Cowboys were holding a scrimmage at their training camp on Aug. 2, reports the Daily Mail. During the friendly, Tyler was covering Dez a little too aggressively for Dez’s liking. From there, tempers flared and a fight broke out!

Dez grabbed Tyler’s helmet and didn’t let go! Tyler responded to this by knocking Dez’s helmet away. When Dez finally managed to remove Tyler’s helmet, his teammate fired off a left hook! YIKES! He barely missed Dez, but the fight was not over. Dez managed to land a body blow against Tyler and that’s when the rest of the Cowboys stormed in to split them up. The two reportedly tangled again on the sidelines, with Dez throwing another punch. Quarterback Tony Romo stopped them from fighting and the two finally settled down. Phew!

Dez said that right before the play, he was giving Tyler “a little bit of mouth, just talking a whole bunch of stuff to him.” But before Cowboys fans start to think the team is in disarray, Tyler said that he and Dez are “brothers,” and “Brothers fight. That happens sometimes. We go at it. After that, we squash it and it’s over.” Thank goodness. The season kicks off in just over a month so these two better get on the same page!

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What do you think about the fight between Dez and Tyler, HollywoodLifers? Scary? Do you think these two will scuffle again?

— Jason Brow