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Kyle Chandler Plays Coach Taylor From ‘Friday Night Lights’ One Last Time — Watch

Fri, July 31, 2015 4:04pm EDT by Add first Comment

Clear eyes, full hearts and– excuse me, what the heck is that ringing? Kyle Chandler has reprised his legendary ‘Friday Night Lights’ character Coach Taylor for a very special PSA.

Turn off your flipping cell phone when in the theater, or prepare to feel Coach Taylor’s wrath. Kyle Chandler has once again brought back his Friday Night Lights character, and just like old times, he’s going to use powerfully inspirational invective to get what he wants. On that hit series, what Kyle wanted was for his high school football players to get that W. In this hilarious public service announcement, Kyle desires something else: for theater-goers to turn off their phones!

“Listen up,” Kyle says, as those melancholic FNL notes clink in the background. “This is what we all worked for. We paid to be here. I want you to know, your friends and family are watching,” he adds.

It totally transports us back to, like, 2008 when we got to witness Coach Taylor’s epic pump up speeches on a weekly basis. Kyle/Coach goes on, letting his words swell up with suspense and then, just as we’re losing ourselves in his message, a freaking cell phone starts to chime.

Actually, several cell phones begin to ring and vibrate and cause an all around annoyance. Coach, obviously, loses his cool. “How am I supposed to give my inspirational speech here if you’re talking and you’re texting?” he screams to his less than captive audience. He tries to recapture their attention but, well, his efforts are futile. He turns to camera and growls, “Turn your God damn cell phones off.” Uh, will do, coach!

The PSA comes just on the heels of some very bad iBehavior. Specifically, in early July, legendary stage actress Patti LuPone made waves when she yanked a cell phone out of an audience member’s hands mid-performance, after the offender had spent the majority of the evening staring into her distracting screen. Honestly, we’d love to stick Coach Taylor on that individual, and see how comfortable they’d be whipping out their cell phone in the future.

What do you think of the PSA? Has cell phone etiquette (or lack thereof) gotten out of hand?

— Casey Mink