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‘Hollywood Game Night’ Preview: Rosie O’Donnell Gets Clue-Boomed — Watch

Tue, July 28, 2015 10:08am EDT by Add first Comment
Rosie ODonnell Hollywood Game Night
image courtesy of NBC

This may or may not give you heart palpitations! Rosie O’Donnell will compete on the new episode of ‘Hollywood Game Night,’ and we have an EXCLUSIVE preview!

Poor Rosie O’Donnell gets totally clue-boomed on this week’s Hollywood Game Night! In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek for the July 28 episode, the former host of The View is given a pirate-themed challenge, and she’s got some serious competition from her partner, who happens to be the opposing team’s one non-celeb. As time ticks by for an unspecified amount of time, we wait impatiently for the clue-boom to explode all over one of their faces. Trust us, that description doesn’t do the palm-sweatiness of the situation any justice. Check out the clip below!

To kick things off, host Jane Lynch (who, it should always be mentioned, is a comedy Goddess), breaks down how it’s all gonna work. Rosie will face off against the contestant, each of them drawing clues from the bowl while getting their teammates to guess the word. Sounds standard enough, however, there’s a twist: after the answer has been correctly guessed, the person pushes the bowl back to the other side of the table. When the buzzer runs out, whomever the bowl is closest to gets clue-boomed.

Got that? Good, because we’ve got to move on to the heart-pounding competition. Turns out, both Rosie and her competitor are very excellent at this game. Rosie’s first clue is “parrot,” and she basically only has to say “bird,” until the answer is shouted by her teammate. That insane rapid fire continues between the two of them until, yup, Rosie is the unlucky victim of a clue-boom. Just as she begins to describe her final word, the bowl explodes a massive poof of confetti, and so goes the game! Watch the whole (hilarious) clip below!

Hollywood Game Night airs Tuesday, July 28 at 10 pm on NBC. Are you excited to see Rosie on the gameshow?

— Casey Mink