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‘PLL’ Preview: Lorenzo & Ali Share A Kiss Over Chicken Soup — Watch

Tue, July 28, 2015 4:25pm EDT by 1 Comment

Well, who couldn’t see this one coming? It seems that Lorenzo and Ali are going to be getting real comfy on the new episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Like, kisses and chicken soup comfy.

In the penultimate episode before the summer finale of Pretty Little Liarswe may see a potential relationship really start to get hot and heavy. In a sneak peek at the July 28 episode, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is struggling big time with her family matters (ya know, that this whole thing is her brother’s fault and yet her dad still blames her for calling the police). So, who is there for her in her time of need? Yup, Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) and his broken arm! Actually, they’re there for each other, if ya know what we’re saying here. Watch the steamy clip now!

“My dad, I thought I was doing the right thing calling the police,” Ali says, as she unloads a bag full of get well soon materials on Lorenzo’s counter. “Charles threatened him, and now he’s treating me like I’m the threat,” she adds, clearly getting riled up.

“It must be hard knowing the person responsible for all of this is your brother,” Lorenzo tells her with so much sympathy and a stare that is so sweet it could likely cause diabetes. “Now that everything is out in the open, I have a more personal stake in the outcome,” he adds, as he begins to slowly make his way towards her.

Hm, no idea where this is going, right? Nope, no possible idea. Lorenzo wants to help, but Ali won’t let him do a damn thing until he sits down and eats his get-well soup. “All the healing power goes away when you reheat homemade soup in the microwave,” she says matter of fact.

And then, yup, they totally kiss! And to think, it all happened because of some chicken soup! Maybe Alison is right: there really are no limits to the potential of chicken soup!

Do you guys like Lorenzo and Alison as a couple? Or should they remain friends?

— Casey Mink