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Charlotte McKinney Reveals Her Underboob & Overboob Issues In Sexy Video — Watch

Tue, July 28, 2015 7:11pm EDT by 1 Comment

The struggle is real for a girl with big boobs, as Charlotte McKinney explains. The voluptuous Carl’s Jr. model turned ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant drops some major truth bombs.

Charlotte McKinney, 21, proud owner of large breasts, wants you to know there are definitely some drawbacks to being well-endowed. In a sexy new video, the buxom blonde lays down half-a-dozen reasons why having more on top can sometimes be a downer. One major annoyance? All that “underboob, overboob” you experience when bra shopping. (Ugh, the worst). Click inside to hear the rest!

Ever wonder what it’s like living with big boobs? Or maybe you already know the disadvantages that come with being top-heavy and would like someone to relate to. Either way, Charlotte is here for you. Serving major sass (and a whole lot of laughs!) in an interview with, she reveals the “six things women with big boobs think are bullish*t.” Listen up!

1. When people ask my bra-size: “It’s bullish*t to ask about my bra-size. Why do you want to know? Like, what’s it to you? Like, are you gonna buy me a bra? Or…I don’t get it.”

2. When I have to bra shop: “Bra shopping is bullish*t. It’s the wrong size, a different brand, it’s too tight, underboob, overboob, It’s just never ending.”

3. When I have to wear a strapless bra: “Strapless bras are bullish*t. All day it’s like [shimmies up her bra]. It just keeps falling down.”

4. When people worry about my breasts sagging someday: “Your concerns about my boobs sagging in the future is absolute bullish*t. It’s called a breast lift. My mom’s got great boobs and she’s in her sixties. So either you can fix it or you can just let ’em sag!”

5. When people ask why I don’t get a reduction: “It’s bullish*t when people ask me, ‘Why don’t you get a breast reduction?’ Um, ’cause I don’t want one. I’m pretty happy.”

6. When I wear button-down shirts: “Button-down shirts are bullish*t. The button keeps breaking. And the gaps. And you can like see the bra and then it’s a never ending battle.”

HollywoodLifers — do YOU agree with what Charlotte has to say? Let us know your thoughts!

— Evan Real