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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Theo Flirts With Malia & Tries Blackmailing Stiles

Mon, July 27, 2015 11:24pm EDT by Lauren Cox 13 Comments

Oh. My. Wolf. The latest episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ was packed with a very shirtless Theo flirting with a very interested Malia, as well ‘The Doctors’ causing the pack some ‘Dread’-ful flashbacks. See what I did there?

On the July 27 episode of Teen Wolf, things get pretty heavy when Scott (Tyler Posey) and the rest of his pack decide to follow Vallack’s instructions and read The Dread Doctors book. However, the book puts all of their lives in danger when it sparks deadly flashbacks — including a heartbreaking look at Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) mom when he was just a little boy.

Okay, the opening scene of July 27’s Teen Wolf was so intense. It starts off right in the middle of some major action in the hospital. Scott is on the floor reaching for his inhaler because he’s having a massive asthma attack, and suddenly the foot of a Dread Doctor steps on it and crushes it into dust. Then, Scott’s super bad ass mom, Melissa McCall, drags him into the nearby elevator and shoots him up with something that works just as well as an inhaler. In the meantime, Malia tries her hand at beating up the Dread Doctor… but fails. Miserably. Not only does he nearly kill her with his bare metal hands, but there was a moment I really, seriously thought she was a goner. Somehow she escapes, just barely making it into the elevator before the doors close behind her. How the heck can Teen Wolf start on such a wild note? Now I think I need MY inhaler.

The next thing we see is a couple of local police officers arriving at the school football field, only to switch on the overhead lights and see not one, but EIGHT holes in the ground where Chimaras must be buried. The next day Stiles is put in a very awkward position as his girlfriend, Malia, and his dad, Sheriff Stilinski, attempt to figure out how the Chimaras are all connected. When they start talking about Donovan, Stiles goes silent — because as you might remember, he killed Donovan. And, for some reason, he refuses to tell anyone how, what, why, or when. However, the Sheriff and Malia do figure out one thing: the Chimaras are not being chosen randomly. They are connected, because they all have one thing in common. But what?

Everyone’s reading The Dread Doctors book, including Theo. They are all determined to remember if they have done anything to them, and it’s affecting Lydia the most. While she’s going through some seriously flirtatious and touchy-feely fight training with Parrish, she gets another flashback of one of The Dread Doctors touching her in the operating room. It’s pretty terrifying to think they somehow manipulated our precious Lydia while real doctors were saving her life. (On a side note, Parrish and Lydia have amazing chemistry but isn’t he like, way older than her?)

Theo Plots Against Kira & Scott

“Scott, I came here hoping to find a pack. I wasn’t planning on watching one fall apart,” Theo tells Scott, which is ironic considering he’s there to destroy them all. Unfortunately, Scott doesn’t realize this, which is eventually going to cause some major problems in what’s left of his pack. The group gets together to read the book, and for once they include Theo in their little get together. For whatever reason, the book puts almost all of them to sleep — except Theo. As we know, he’s working for The Dread Doctors, so it’s no surprise he wasn’t affected by the book at all. That little bastard probably knows the words by heart.

While everyone is sleeping, Theo sneaks into Kira’s room to find her speaking a foreign language in her sleep. Her inner fox is ticking, and for some reason Theo pulls out his cell phone and records what she’s saying. I may not know what language she’s speaking, but I know that whatever she’s saying can’t be good. Especially since Theo wants it.

But, this little get together wasn’t just bad news for Kira. When everyone was still awake Malia confronted Stiles about his  shoulder, where Donovan’s creepy supernatural hand bit him in the previous episode. She tells him she can smell the blood, but Stiles comes up with a really good excuse. He lies, again, telling her that the hood of his car fell on him after it broke down again. Lying to your girlfriend, Stiles? Not good.

Lydia’s Flashbacks Bring Her To Her Grandma

When everyone returns to school, the overhead lights are flashing. Kira swears it’s not her this time, and Scott seems to believe her. But, when Scott and Lydia are in their super hard biology class, one of the girls freaks out and runs out of the room — stopping only to leave the “drop class” sheet on their teacher’s desk. Lydia follows after her in a hurry, only to find the girl waiting for her mom. She tells Lydia she’s been really stressed out and shows her a huge chunk of hair that fell out during class, and Lydia offers to help her cover it up. Things get creepy when the girl pulls back her hair and reveals a bloody patch right behind her ear, which quickly transforms into a gaping bloody hole. This sends Lydia flying back until she lands on her back, and suddenly you can hear her mom’s voice telling her over and over, “I told you to stay in the car.”

This leads to a horrific flashback, in which a very young Lydia walks in on her grandmother bleeding to death in a bathtub. Her mom is there holding her grandmother, asking her, “What did you do?” When Lydia’s grandmother sees the little redhead standing in the door, she sits up and tells her, “They’re coming, Lydia.” Her grandmother totally knew about The Dread Doctors, and that’s why she used a power drill to open a huge hole in her skull. Gross.

Meanwhile, Liam’s friend Mason, who is now in on the supernatural secrets of the world, has figured out why Kira can’t get through the book. Apparently, according to Japanese folklore, foxes have trouble distinguishing different languages. The book is designed to be difficult for her to read, and that’s why the words get blurry on her every time she tries to get through a page.

After Lydia’s crazy flashback, Scott decides to drop the same course as the girl from earlier. Things take a turn when he starts getting a flashback as he’s signing the paperwork, and his asthma kicks in so badly that he nearly falls over. In his flashback we see a hospital bed rushing down a hallway, and a dog named Roxy attacking someone — or something. Another childhood flashback? But, how is this related to The Dread Doctors?

Scott’s Asthma Mysteriously Returns

The flashback continues, and it’s Scott in the hospital bed. He’s been attacked by his dog, Roxy, and even though he’s now in the hospital he’s asking for his dog. Because the flashback is so intense, Scott thinks he’s in the hospital hallway as this is happening. In real time, he’s collapsed in front of his teacher’s desk barely breathing. Somehow, Liam gets word that Scott is having an asthma attack and comes running off the field from where he’s been actively flirting with the girl he’s been crushing on since 6th grade and into the classroom. He has an inhaler with him, but Scott’s not responding to him. Finally, he throws on his werewolf eyes and growls at Scott to get him to snap out of it. That’s when Scott finally grabs the inhaler and starts breathing again. Phew!

Somewhere else, Lydia and Stiles are together (ahem, as they should be), and she’s telling him about her scary flashback. The worrisome part? She thinks it’s someone else’s memory, and that she picked it up because she’s a banshee. But again I ask, how is this related to The Dread Doctors?

Since Stiles isn’t paying too much attention to his girlfriend, she finds her way to Theo while he’s working out in the gym. He hears her coming, and when he does he grins and pulls off his shirt so that he can continue tempting her. She walks in and is immediately uncomfortable, as any sane girl would be in the presence of a shirtless Cody Christian. Malia has intention though, she wants to know why Theo hasn’t told Scott about her memory of the Desert Wolf. He flat out tells her it’s not his story to tell, but she doesn’t seem to believe him. Instead, she gets all up in his shirtless grill to tell him she doesn’t owe him anything for his secrecy. It’s clear she doesn’t know how to control the fact that she’s totally into him other than being aggressive in a scary way, but it’s also very clear he’s into it. Tsk, tsk, Malia!

Scott is still reeling from his asthma attack, something that shouldn’t happen to him anymore considering he’s now a werewolf who heals from everything. Theo finds him in the locker room staring at his inhaler, and Scott tells him he thinks it’s just a psychosomatic thing. For whatever reason, that’s when Theo decides to tell him about Kira talking in her sleep. He even plays the recording for Scott, and tells him that he was able to translate it to: “I am the messenger of death.” Um, Theo, even I don’t believe that… but, unfortunately, Scott does.

Elsewhere, Stiles and Lydia are trying to investigate her flashbacks. They sneak through the hospital until they find the operating room where we can only assume she had her surgery, but the power isn’t working. Of course, there’s a Chimera behind the power outages at the school and the hospital — a real scary dude with massive teeth eating power cords like it’s no big deal. Stiles heads out on his own to see if he can figure out the power situation, which leaves Lydia alone in a dark operating room. Of course, her flashbacks continue, and suddenly she can hear the beeping of the machine that monitors a patient’s heartbeat and other stats. It turns out to be a Chimera, and The Dread Doctors peel back a large part of the skin over his abdomen that reveals his bright blue insides. In the corner, Lydia remains horrified.

Stiles Re-Lives A Horrible Moment With His Mom

Unfortunately, Stiles gets distracted by his own horrific flashback. In the elevator a woman with long brown hair stands in the corner, and when she walks out Stiles follows her. The next thing we see is him running out on the roof screaming, “Mom!” There is his mom, Claudia Stilinski, in a hospital gown, standing on the edge of the roof looking like she might jump. Then comes Sheriff Stilinski trying to coax her down, but she tells him that “he” is trying to kill her. The Sheriff takes her hand and eventually guides her to safety only to remind her that the dementia is causing her to be paranoid. She swears up and down that “he” is trying to kill her, and that’s when the Sheriff tells her that’s not possible because “he” is only 10 years old. At that moment, Stiles looks down at the ground to see he has the shadow of a little boy. A moment later his mom is yelling at him to “stop looking” at her a certain way, and she runs over and starts slapping and hitting him as he falls to the ground. We have always wanted to know more about Stiles’ mom, but this is heartbreaking to watch.

Then, out of nowhere, we quickly learn that Stiles is being attacked in real time by a Chimera. It doesn’t take long for Theo to come to his rescue in werewolf form, though it is surprising to see him protecting Stiles. However, we must remember that he’s still trying to get into the pact — and protecting Scott’s best friend is definitely the key. Things go too far when Theo kills the Chimera though, and he quickly realizes he may have messed up in front of Stiles. Instead of owning it, he begs Stiles not to tell Scott. When Stiles asks him why, Theo says, “Because I never said anything about Donovan.” Oh. Snap. Theo knows Stiles’ deep dark secret!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about this episode of Teen Wolf? Should Stiles rat out Theo? Do you think Theo is trying to move in on Malia? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox