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‘The Royals’ Season 2 First Look: Even More Sex, Drugs & Scandal — Watch

Fri, July 24, 2015 12:02pm EDT by 3 Comments

Bloody hell, indeed! We’ve just gotten our first look at season 2 of ‘The Royals’ and it seems that everyone is back to being one big happy family! We’re kidding, of course. Watch the insane clip!

With the prince and princess back at the palace, everything can return to normal right? Uh, not quite. Following that totally insane season 1 finale, it seems that when The Royals heads back to E! for its second season, we are in for way more chaos: Liam (William Mosely) on the verge of madness to avenge his father’s death? Duh. Eleanor (Alexandra Park) doing drugs and hooking up with, well, everyone? Obviously. More high class bitchery from Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley)? Well, that one goes without saying!

The Royals will always be about Princess Liam and Princess Eleanor,” show runner Mark Schwahn explains in this first look as to what we can expect in the new installment of episodes. However, both the prince and princess will likely have a rough go of it this year.

“Liam is driven to avenge his father’s death,” William says of his character’s upcoming arc. “Whatever it costs, no one is going to stand in his way,” he adds, as we see a flash of what looks like Liam bludgeoning someone in the face.

“It doesn’t slow down,” Alexandra explained of season 2. “The sex, drugs, the scandal,” she adds. Well, duh, it wouldn’t be The Royals without all the aforementioned.

“Queen Helena does indeed do villainous things,” Elizabeth says. “And now, Prince Cyrus (Jake Maskall) has become the King of England,” she adds with a tease.

Nowhere to be seen in this short clip though? Jasper (Tom Austen), who we have to imagine (and hope) will show up sooner rather than later!

What do you think of the first look at season 2? Are you excited to see more of The Royals?

— Casey Mink