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R5’s Rydel Lynch Has To ‘Get Sassy’ To Keep Brothers & Boyfriend In Line — Listen

Thu, July 23, 2015 11:27am EDT by Add first Comment
R5 Interview Rydel Lynch
image courtesy of HollywoodLife

This is a girl who knows how to get things done! R5 recently dropped by to chat on the HollywoodLife podcast, and Rydel Lynch dished to us EXCLUSIVELY the hilarious way she keeps her band mates in check!

We know that R5 is talented beyond words, but we might not know that they have a bit of a tardiness issue! When the fivesome chatted with us on the HollywoodLife podcast, Rydel Lynch, 21, the sole female of the group/very brave soul, revealed how she’s able to get her boys (meaning her three brothers and boyfriend!) in line, especially when it comes to promptness. Spoiler alert: it involves Ms. Lynch getting sassy!

“I get sassy with them,” Rydel told us EXCLUSIVELY of the other four members of her group. “Gotta keep them in line. I’m definitely, like, the prompt one of the group. I hate being late. I always want to be on time. I’m like the list maker, I’m like ‘boom, boom… I keep [the boys] rolling.”

Somehow, we have absolutely no trouble believing that’s true. However, Ross Lynch was sure to deny his sister’s allegations– and even shared an anecdote to prove it! “We had a little Canadian run there where we were flying around and we didn’t actually have our bus yet,” Ross said. “I was the only one on time in the lobby everyday! Rydel and Ellington [Ratliff] were always the last ones.”

Woah, do we sense some sibling on sibling drama here? Rydel, of course, was not going to take those accusations lying down. “You want to know why I’m late everyday?” she asked. Um, duh. “Because he is a slow poke!” she said, pointing her finger right at Ellington, who is not just her bandmate but her boyfriend!

Play nice you guys! You’re all too talented and good looking to be upset about, like, anything! Listen to the whole hilarious interview, and download it right here!

Be sure to check out R5’s new album, “Sometime Last Night,” which is now available for your listening pleasure! Videos, album details & tour dates can all be found here! So, in the battle of the Lynch sibs, are you Team Rydel or Team Ross?

— Casey Mink