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‘Pixels’ Reviews: Hilarious Disaster Flick Or Just A Disaster?

Wed, July 22, 2015 12:59pm EDT by 1 Comment

‘Pixels’ is about to hit theaters nationwide, which means the reviews have already surfaced. Is Adam Sandler’s newest flick a hilarious disaster movie or, frankly, just a disaster? We’ve rounded up the reviews for ya!

In Pixels, Adam Sandler, alongside his childhood pal played by Kevin James, have to utilize their video game skills in a whole new way when the planet becomes inundated with destructive arcade characters who have come to life. The film, which will have its wide release on July 24, is stacked with a ton of other big names including Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan and Jane Krakowskiso it’s gotta be good, right? Well, maybe. Check out some reviews!


An adorable life-sized version of Q*bert is easily the most engaging character in Pixels, a dimwitted ’80s nostalgia trip best appreciated by those who have waited years for Adam Sandler’s fine-grained intelligence and Chris Columbus‘ filmmaking mastery to finally converge. For the remaining 99% of the moviegoing population, this slapdash, casually sexist revenge-of-the-nerds fantasy offers some mild visual distraction with its massive CGI renderings of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and other old-school videogame characters…

The Hollywood Reporter:

Within the rarified realm of 1980s videogame nostalgia, Pixels is no Wreck-It-Ralph. At isolated moments a tolerably amusing send-up of alien invasion disaster movies in which the attackers are video arcade-era renegades arrived to gobble up as many famous landmarks as possible, this one-note comedy runs out of gas within an hour (it is based on a short film) and should have been trimmed to a neat 90 minutes.


Pixels is a can’t-lose formula. Take the basic premise from Galaxy Quest but swap out Star Trek with retro video games, throw in some nifty special effects and what could possibly go wrong? Three words: Adam F#%&ing Sandler. He can still make me laugh. But not in this terrible, tone deaf attempt at Ghostbusters with video games.

The Wrap:

Perhaps it should be expected, though, that Adam Sandler, the movie star many of us most readily associate with creative sloth and arrested development, stars in a space-invader movie in which all the hero has to do is play video games from his childhood.

Mesh, rough go for Pixels, but hey, everyone’s a critic, right? Now you’ve read the reviews, it’s your turn to weigh in: will you see Pixels?

— Casey Mink