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‘The Good Dinosaur’: Pixar’s Gorgeous Take On Prehistoric Dinos — Full Trailer

Tue, July 21, 2015 1:45pm EDT by Add first Comment

Damnit Pixar, you couldn’t let us go one day without crying? In the upcoming flick, ‘The Good Dinosaur,’ the Disney geniuses take on prehistoric dinos and, unsurprisingly, it’s gorgeous and heartwarming. Check out the full trailer!

In The Good Dinosaur, the latest creation from the mad minds at Pixar, we travel to an era where dinosaurs still exist to meet our protagonist, a spry green dino who looks about as threatening as a teddy bear. The dinosaur, who is an orphan, encounters a human boy and within no time the two are setting out on the adventure of a lifetime. As the trailer informs us, a single moment can change everything.  When the film hits theaters on Nov. 25, it will make you laugh and cry in the same breath– and this sneak peek pretty much guarantees just as much!

“A single kindness can change everything,” the trailer reads as we see Mr. Dinosaur come across his human playmate for the first time. The two make intense eye contact before the human scampers off.

However, it seems that both youngsters are lost, looking for something (or someone) to give them direction. Case in point: the two meet again in the depths of the jungle, and this time, they acknowledge one another. “Hello?” the boy asks, with equal amounts of curiosity and fear.

From there, they embark upon a life threatening journey that takes them across the jungle and it is both beautiful and terrifying: basically think seas of fireflies mixed with Pterodactyl attacks and a luscious, thumping song playing through it all in the background. The movie comes to us from the same epic team which brought us Finding Nemo and, more recently, the incredible (and tear jerking) Inside Out.

What do you think of the The Good Dinosaur trailer? Are you going to see the Pixar flick?

— Casey Mink