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‘American Ultra’: Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart Blow Stuff Up In New Trailer — Watch

Tue, July 21, 2015 10:15am EDT by 41 Comments

Never judge a book by its cover! In a brand new trailer for ‘American Ultra,’ Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart definitely prove that. Check it out!

In American Ultra, which will hit theaters on Aug. 21, the lesson to be learned is, anyone could be a trained government solider– even the stoner clerk at the corner store. In this film, that would be Jesse Eisenberg, however, he has no idea until he becomes “activated” one day when some punks start messing with his car. Long story short, he ends up killing two guys in a blackout state of government efficiency, something his girlfriend (Kristen Stewart) initially thinks is awesome, until the two find themselves immersed in violence of the highest degree. Yeah, not exactly your typical stoner movie!

“Why are people trying to stab you?” Kristen asks Jesse after he’s committed murder by jabbing his victims with a spoon. A spoon!

“What if I’m like a robot?” he asks. “I’m freaking out, I have a lot of anxiety about it,” he adds as his car, which sits roughly 10 feet away, explodes and goes up in flames. Uh, yeah, a little anxiety sounds pretty appropriate.

Meanwhile, the sort of commander in chief of all the agents (hi, Topher Grace!) is livid over Jesse’s actions, and demands his demise. “Lock it down, we go in and we take him out,” he says. And thus begins what is surely the most explosive and violent romp that two potheads have ever been forced to endure.

However, don’t expect Jesse and Kristen’s marijuana-induced haze to make them easy targets. In fact, when Kristen asks Jesse how he feels while he’s running through the city, destroying everything in his path, he simply says, “I feel amazing.”

What do you think of the new trailer? Are you excited for American Ultra?

— Casey Mink