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8 Questions That I Need Answered During ‘Bachelorette: Men Tell All’

Mon, July 20, 2015 11:42am EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments

Will Kaitlyn get some apologies? Will Josh’s hair look normal again? Will Chris ever shed the ‘Cupcake’ nickname? These are all vital questions going into the ‘Bachelorette Men Tell All’ special on June 20.

Here’s who’s returning on The Bachelorette: Men Tell AllBen H., Ben Z., Chris “Cupcake,” Clint, Cory, Corey, Ian, Jared, JJ, Joe, Jonathan, Joshua, Justin, Kupah, Ryan M. and Tanner. So basically, we have a lot of questions. Now, these are in no specific order, but are all very important.

Is Tony real life?
Come on, this is a serious question. The guy was super attractive, but considered himself a “healer” and pretty much went off the deep end when there were “violent” dates. Also, he was too sad without his bonsai tree and said he was a “love virgin.” Was that real or was he pulling an onion-girl act on us?

Does Ian actually ever get dates with women?
After calling Kaitlyn shallow, promoting what a great guy he was, how hot his ex girlfriend is and how much sex he has at home, I’m very eager to see if any of that is true. My guess is a hard no. However, according to some released images, it looks like he may have some groveling to do.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.40.03 AM

WTF happened with Clint & JJ?
We can all assume that the friendship/bromance was played up for the cameras, but did either of them really want to be with Kailtyn? Why did JJ turn his back on Clint? And why were they in the hot tub for so long?

Why did Ryan M. (the drunk guy from night one) even come on the show?
We told you that he was actually the ex-boyfriend of Nikki Ferrell, so did he have a motive of coming on the show? Was he actually looking for love? Or just for the spotlight? And, more importantly, does he regret getting that wastey-pants right off the bat?

Is Ben REALLY the new ‘Bachelor?’
Usually, this announcement doesn’t happen until After the Final Rose or later, but in the case that everyone and their brother already knows it will be Ben Higgins, will Chris Harrison just announce it already? Thanks!

Has Joe recovered from that broken heart?
Joe was one of the toughest goodbyes of the season, since hew as eliminated about five minutes after telling Kaitlyn that he loved her. Unlike others, he didn’t take it well, and we didn’t really blame him. Let’s hope he has now found himself a good ol’ country girl.

Who will hook up with who on ‘Bachelor in Paradise?’
We know a lot of these men headed to BiP this season — JJ, Tanner, Jonathan and Jared are all hoping for summer hookups — so who’s going to hook up with who? What will JJ do without Clint? Will Jared be too nice for everyone? C’mon, we need another look at the season.

What does Ben H. think about the sex talk between Nick/Kaitlyn/Shawn?
Is Ben upset that Kaitlyn felt she had to tell Shawn she slept with Nick, but didn’t bother telling him? I mean, I wouldn’t blame her if he was! Also, did they sleep together in the overnight suite? We can assume he’s much more of a gentleman than Nick was and he won’t talk about the details, but hey, I have to ask.

Alright guys, are you watching Bachelorette: Men Tell All tonight?

— Emily Longeretta