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Kendall Jenner Slammed For Unsafely Driving With No Hands & Leg Out Window

Wed, July 15, 2015 7:50am EDT by 16 Comments

So…this doesn’t exactly look too safe. Kylie Jenner uploaded a Snapchat video of her sister, Kendall Jenner, in which the 19-year-old appears to be driving with her leg sticking out the window — and no hands! Now, the girls are facing major social media criticism for their unsafe actions.

Keep your eyes on the road, Kendall Jenner! The reality star looks to be driving pretty recklessly — with no hands and her leg out the window —  in a Snapchat video shared by her sister, Kylie Jenner, 17, and she’s really taking the heat for it. Watch the video and check out some of the critical comments here.

In the quick clip, the girls are rocking out to “Take Ya Tights Off,” but Kendall seems to be much more into the song than she is to focusing on the road! The 19-year-old barely glances in front of her throughout the entire video, and never once puts her hands on the wheel. Oh, and she’s also holding her iPhone in her hand.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it’s possible that Kendall wasn’t actually driving — there is a row of seats behind the girls, but they’re used to being chauffeured around in SUVs with two rows of backseats. However, she does appear to reach forward, as if grabbing the steering wheel, right at the end of the video. Bottom line: If the supermodel is behind the wheel, this  definitely does not look safe, and is especially surprising considering the girls’ dad, Caitlyn Jenner, 65, was just involved in a fatal car crash earlier this year.

Several fans took notice of the fact that Kendall could’ve definitely been driving the vehicle at the time of the video, and took to Instagram and Twitter to slam the girls for their unsafe behavior. “Does Kendall Jenner not understand that you’re not supposed to have your leg out the window, when you’re driving?” one Twitter user wrote.

Some Instagram comments include: “Wow. Please get off the road asap,” “Did these kids learn nothing from their father killing someone in a car crash??? Why are they using their phones while driving. Idiots,” and “Spoiled brats. Sorry, but there’s innocent people out there that can get hurt.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kendall and Kylie were being unsafe in the video?

— Alyssa Norwin