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MAX Talks Boys Of Zummer Tour & The Slap That Kept Him Humble

Tue, July 14, 2015 4:48pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
MAX Boys of Zummer interview
Image Courtesy of Instagram

Don’t underestimate MAX. The singer is currently on tour with Wiz Khalifa and Fall Out Boy and has already worked with Madonna. After talking to him, then seeing him in concert, I learned on important fact: this guy’s got talent.

Can’t stop singing “Gibberish (feat. Hoodie Allen)?” Me. Neither. MAX, 23, is currently playing before and after Wiz Khalfia on the Boys of Zummer tour, and has recently signed with Pete Wentzs label. But who is MAX? And what’s he bringing to the table? Well, everything. Get ready to fall in love with this kid.

How’d this all start?
I had been doing stuff on YouTube with a friend of mine, Kurt Schneider, I met Pete [Wentz] because we’ve worked with other artists; we cover their songs; make an appearance in their videos. I was doing a cover and I reached out and was like, “‘Yo i was wondering if you’d be down to be in the video.’ We got friendly after that. A couple of months later, I was seeing a bunch of Fall Out Boy shows, he asked me to be a part of his label.”

What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
I watch a lot of Criminal Minds! I feel like everywhere I go, I’m thinking, ‘This person could have killed me right now!’ I also watch any Netflix shows, I’m pretty much a TV-aholic: OITNB is dope, Game of Thrones was crazy. No Jonnnnnn, no! Breaking Bad is one of my favorite.

You did an ad with Madonna for Dolce & Gabanna – how do you stay humbled when huge opportunities like that come up?
“I was so cocky about it and felt so cool [that] my friend turned to me and slapped me in the face, and she was like, ‘You’re becoming someone that I don’t want to be friends with, so don’t.’ It was a big moment for me at that time. That stuff comes and goes. You gotta really appreciate, and always realize that we’re all people.”

Artists you’d love to work with:
Justin Timberlake! That’d be crazy. Prince is just out there, killing it. He’s a tiny human. Let’s hang out in wear purple. Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder!

You can catch MAX on the Boys of Zummer tour!

— Emily Longeretta