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Jimmy Fallon Reveals Finger Was Almost Amputated In Freak Fall — Pics & Video

Tue, July 14, 2015 1:41pm EDT by 3 Comments

Ouch! Jimmy Fallon returned to ‘The Tonight Show’ on July 13 after a hand injury put him in the hospital for nearly two weeks. With his swollen digit wrapped in a bandage, Jimmy explained how his injury was so serious that he almost lost the finger! Click to see!

It’s good to see Jimmy Fallon, 40, back on The Tonight Show with all ten fingers. The host had to take a break from the show to recover from a gnarly accident. With a bandage wrapped tightly around his busted hand, Jimmy told the audience how close he came to having his ring finger amputated!

During The Tonight Show‘s July 13 episode, Jimmy discussed the accident that forced him to cancel the June 26 taping of his show and take the following two weeks off. Jimmy’s rep told that he had to get “minor surgery” after an accident in his Manhattan apartment. However, the exact details of what happened are both scary and gross!

“So, basically what happened is that I tripped and fell in my kitchen,” said Jimmy, playing it off as no big deal. “I caught my fall. So, I’m getting up and my finger is sideways.” Let us say it again – OUCH.

Jimmy, thinking he broke his finger, wrapped it up and took a cab to an emergency room. The doctors told Jimmy that he had “ring avulsion,” that his wedding ring caught itself on the kitchen counter and yanked the finger out of the socket. Jimmy’s injury was so serious that they sent him to the Beth Israel hospital for emergency microsurgery. While there, Jimmy was told that ring avulsion injuries usually result in the finger getting amputated!

OH NO. Thankfully, Jimmy was in the hands of Dr. David Chiu. Dr. Chiu managed to save the finger by taking a being out of Jimmy’s foot (gross!) and attacking inside the damaged digit. The surgery was a success! Jimmy told the audience that spent 10 days recovering in the ICU and that he still won’t get feeling back in his finger for another eight weeks! Still, Jimmy would probably wait eight months in order to keep his finger.

Jimmy Fallon Challenges Chris Evans To Flip Cup — Watch

With Jimmy’s damaged hand, it looks like Jimmy and Avengers star, Chris Evans, will have to put off their rematch at Flip Cup. The two met on April 23 for a showdown, along with their real life siblings Gloria Fallon and Scott Evans. It was a battle for the ages – well, not really, but it was really funny! Hopefully, Jimmy recovers quickly so he and Chris can face off again.

We’re glad to see Jimmy’s on the mend, HollywoodLifers. Leave all your ‘Get Well” messages for Jimmy below!

— Jason Brow