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‘True Detective’ Recap: Suspension, Sleepovers & Surprise Pregnancies

Sun, July 12, 2015 10:15pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 4 Comments

We finally felt some real emotions on this week’s ‘True Detective.’ From Paul’s secrets, to Ani’s sex life biting her in the butt, episode four got a good look into the personal side of our favorite cops.

Paul (Taylor Kitsch) had been fighting with his past this entire season and it finally came out at the end of last week: he had been seeing a man before. So this week’s True Detective picked up right at that when he ended up back at his ex’s apartment.

Things Are Getting Personal

Paul completely freaked out after waking up at the man’s house he fought with the night before — but he wasn’t ready to be out and actually didn’t know how he even got there, while his man friend was more than willing. However, it was the first real emotion we saw from anyone; he even got choked up talking to Ray about how out of place in the world he felt. It was just the start of love we saw from Paul; he met with his ex, Emily (Adria Arjona), who broke the news that she was pregnant — something he couldn’t be happier about, so he proposed.

As for Frank (Vince Vaughn), he was back to threatening everyone, but it definitely wasn’t what his wife wanted. They put the baby-making on the back burner since he felt he had no other choice in the matter. Basically at this point, she’s kind of fed up and we don’t blame her. So who can help Frank? Well, he’s invited Ray (Colin Farrell) to use his “black rage” for the better, and not for the police.

In the mean time, Ray was forced to tune into his own emotions with his son, Chad. He brought him a gift secretly — the badge, that had belonged to his family. It definitely sounded like he was saying his goodbyes. Could he be giving in to his ex’s request?

With Friends Like These

Ani (Rachel McAdams) obviously tried staying professional but her personal life got in the way, too — an IA complaint for sexual misconduct since she was in a relationship with someone below her, Officer Mercier (Riley Smith). That landed her on departmental leave, but she could still work on the case. Her boss also informed her that her gambling debts may come back and bite her in the butt and that it was her “partner” who turned her in; another man she had slept with.

The final scenes this week included quite the shoot out — and somehow the three of them survived a mass shootout of the drug dealers. However, so many innocent civilians died in the process, and a lot of cops. Natrually, the ambulances and back up arrived after they killed the final criminal.

Do you think that Ray will work with Frank even more than he already is?

— Emily Longeretta