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‘Scream’ Sneak Peek: Noah Gives Another Creepy Speech — Watch

Tue, July 7, 2015 11:43am EDT by 4 Comments

So, is this gonna be a weekly thing? On the new episode of ‘Scream,’ Noah gives yet another speech about murder and blood and other creepy things and it is, well, terrifying.

On the series premiere of MTV’s new thriller, Scream, the episode ended with a freakish soliloquy from horror enthusiast Noah (John Karna), basically all about murder, murderers, etc. Well, on the followup episode on July 7, it appears that Noah will give another creeptastic speech, this one about killers and their, uh, social media inclinations. Yes, seriously, this is the 2015 Scream after all. Watch the clip– and prepare for serious goose bumps!

“Well, murder is a lonely game,” Noah begins to explain (to his entire classroom, mind you). As the speech revs up, a fast paced violin begins to pump in the background. Is your heart rate beginning to speed up? Cool, us too.

“Say you’re the killer, okay?” he goes on. “You sneak into Nina’s house, you skulk around and scare her and then you kill her. Boom,” he adds. For those who don’t recall, Nina (Bella Thorne) was murdered in her own home in the premiere, leaving her bloody, lifeless body to be discovered by her mother in their swimming pool.

Anyways, moving back to the horror at hand. Noah continues that, in the digital age, murder (like everything millennials do) is only fun if you’re sharing it. “It’s the age of Instagram and YouTube and Tumblr,” he explains. “We need to share the things we do, or it’s like it never happened.” At that exact moment, Riley’s (Brian Tju) phone goes off.

Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) tells her to put it away, but it’s urgent– and shocking. “My friend from St. Mary’s texted,” she says. “A girl that goes there died,” she adds. Upon hearing this, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) gets up, startled, and runs out of the room. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

What do you think of Noah’s speeches? Do you think he could be the killer?

— Casey Mink