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Kristen Wiig Confirms ‘A Deadly Adoption’ Was Not A Parody At All

Tue, July 7, 2015 12:36pm EDT by 3 Comments

Everyone is still scratching their heads over Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime movie, ‘A Deadly Adoption,’ as to whether or not it was a parody of the salacious Lifetime brand. Well, Kristen is setting the record straight.

When the news of A Deadly Adoption first broke, the internet exploded: this had to be a joke, right? Well, following the film’s debut on June 20, that question was far from clarified. Actually, the film, which starred comedy icons Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig, was played completely straight, without so much as a wink to the audience that the Lifetime genre was being satirized. Well, thats because it wasn’t. Kristen recently explained that the movie was not at all intended to be a spoof.

“No, it wasn’t a parody at all,” Kristen explained to Vulture when she was asked whether confusion was part of the goal in making the film. “I think people assumed it was [a comedy] because Will and I were in it, but it wasn’t.”

However, when it was pointed out to Kristen that, in fact, many people continue to label it a comedy or parody, even after having seen it, she said, “Well, I guess you can call it a mislabeling,” she said. “I thought it was great, I was very happy with it and we had a lot of fun making it, but the goal was never to make a parody.”

We’ll take your word for it Kristen (but that first scene with you on the pier still begs to differ). On a different– definitely comedic– note Kristen also discussed the highly anticipated Ghostbusters. Like us, Kristen is thrilled that the remake will star women. “I know I’m excited by the fact it’s an all-female cast,” she said. “And from what little I do know, it seems like people are being supportive about it. Beyond that, I try not to pay attention.”

What do you think about A Deadly Adoption? Did it still make you laugh even though it wasn’t supposed to be a comedy?

— Casey Mink