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‘Series Of Unfortunate Events’ Teaser Isn’t Actually For Netflix Series

Mon, July 6, 2015 10:58am EDT by Add first Comment

Just kidding guys. We have our very first glimpse at the new show based on the books of the same name, ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events,’– only it’s not actually from Netflix. Some evil genius created a would-be teaser for the new show, and even though it’s not legit, it’s still beyond creepy.

Depicting the smash book series from author Lemony Snicket (whose real name is Daniel Handler), A Series of Unfortunate Events will debut on Netflix on a yet-to-be-announced date in 2016. To say fans are excited would be a massive understatement. In fact, one fan was so excited that they created their own mock teaser for the series, which many believed was actually real (us included). Curse you, interweb! The clip will still get you antsy for the new series– watch if you dare!

As the 35-second clip begins, we hear what is basically the creepiest song ever, playing from a vintage record player (you know, the kind that are only ever seen when flashing back to the scene of a vintage murder). “Missed me, missed me, I will make you suffer,” a woman sings. Oh, okay. Cool.

We then get an extensive look around the room, at all the truly harrowing paraphernalia which you might recall from the books: A portrait of an eyeball, which leaks black ink as if it were crying tears of darkness; Sunny’s birdcage; Violet’s ribbon; Klaus’s glasses; a pile of books emanating smoke, one of which is labeled “How To Start Fires;” stacks of filthy dishes teeming with maggots and other unmentionables.

Finally, we get our first human appearance (well, semi-appearance). A disgustingly huge spider creeps along a countertop. It is followed by a hand, moving its fingers along in its tracks. The hand’s pointer finger is then ominously lifted, before it comes down upon the insect, crushing it flat and spreading its guts along the surface.

Though it isn’t made completely clear because we never see the person’s face, it’s pretty safe to assume that the bug-smooshing hand belongs to Count Olaf, a theory which is endorsed by the final frame: a table scattered with books and various papers, adorned with that iconic eye. In the foreground, we see the shadow of a man, whose frame is just distinguishable enough to decipher a beard. Yup, that’s the Count alright.

Are you excited for the Series of Unfortunate Events TV show?

— Casey Mink