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Rihanna’s ‘BBHMM’ Music Video: RiRi Commits Cold Blooded Murder — Watch

Thu, July 2, 2015 12:05am EDT by 29 Comments

Say it with me: Yas queen! Rihanna just dropped the music video for her smash single, ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ and it is, obviously, freaking fierce — and a little bit terrifying!

On July 2, at long last, queen of badassery, Rihanna, released the highly-anticipated music video for her latest single, “Bitch Better Have My Money” (or “BBHMM” as the cool kids are calling it). RiRi first teased the video with a minute-long trailer at the June 28 BET Awards, and now we finally get to see the whole epic thing. The video, like the song itself, is ridiculously awesome and will have you feeling all kinds of empowered. Watch it immediately!

Can this even be called a music video? Because it sort of feels more like a short film, or a long form bit of performance art meshed with music. Either way, we are all about it.

The video begins with shots of a blonde woman (okay, let’s be honest, a model) readying herself to go out. Some fans think the woman is Taylor Swift! Meanwhile, Rihanna drives around in the dead of night, before pulling up to a residence and proceding to remove a large trunk from the car.

The two women cross paths in an elevator. They each face forward as the doors close. However, when the doors open again, the woman is nowhere to be seen and only Rihanna stands inside — well, Rihanna and that trunk, and we have a few ideas what might now be inside.

As we see, the woman isn’t dead (yet?) and Rihanna, now accompanied by two equally intimidating broads, takes her into a barn– and hangs her upside and naked. Ya know, as you do. For the majority of the rest of the mini-movie, Rihanna and her pals go about their debauchery as usual, while their hostage, who’s floating in and out of consciousness, is just along for the ride.

After playtime is over, we head back to the woman’s residence, where we meet “the bitch,” her man friend. He sits tied up as RiRi assesses her available weaponry. The scene ends with our gal approaching the man as he writhes with nervousness.

The video ends with a frame similar to the first frame: that enigmatic trunk sitting in a field. We see bloody legs hang over the side, before panning over. Rihanna lies inside, covered in dollar bills, smoking a blunt. Bitch finally got her that money, apparently.

So, the lesson here? Maybe don’t be indebted to Rihanna. Actually, maybe don’t mess with Rihanna, like, at all. Unless of course you wanna end up inside of that trunk too.

Watch the full video above.

What do you think of the “BBHMM” video, HollywoodLifers? Is it Rihanna’s dopest yet or have you liked others more?

— Casey Mink