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Freddie Mercury Owns Kanye West In Hilarious ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Battle — Watch

Wed, July 1, 2015 12:03pm EDT by 6 Comments

Shade alert! Well, kinda. Following Kanye West’s perhaps ill-fated decision to take on the infamous Queen hit, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ an internet genius has provided us with Freddie Mercury’s would-be reaction! Obviously, it’s hilarious.

At the Glastonbury Festival on June 27, Kanye West strayed from his usual rap game, and ventured into singing the Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” While we will never know what the group’s legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury, would have to say about Yeezus’s take on his song (he died in 1991), someone has created a video perfectly displaying what he might have thought– and he doesn’t really approve! Watch the hilarious video now!

Kanye isn’t particularly known for his singing, so he had to have been prepared to receive a little backlash from this, right?

In this genius video, we begin with footage of Kanye singing the powerful song. The first few notes are, to be honest, pretty rocky. We cut away to Freddie taking a sip of an obviously alcoholic beverage. When it gets to the emotional lyrics, “Put a gun up to his head/pulled the trigger now he’s dead,” Kanye’s voice begins to falter– and Freddie begins to smirk.

Then, he basically starts to lose it. Kanye takes on another line of the song, and we cut back to Freddie who clasps his hand over his mouth because he’s laughing so hard. Then, the kicker: While Kanye opts not to really tackle that anthemic chorus, we smash cut to Freddie sitting at the microphone, slaying.

“Mama,” he sings, with that roaring vibrato. He tears it up, so then we cut back to Kanye. He sits in a chair, eyes as wide as dinner plates, looking basically terrified at what he’s seeing. To close, we get one more classic Kanye beauty shot and he looks his usual combination of irritated and exhausted (which, frankly, he probably is) as Freddie wails on with perfect pitch in the background.

What do you think of the mashup video? Was Kanye’s performance really that laughable?

— Casey Mink