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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Mona Gets Called Out For Being A ‘B-tch’ — Watch

Tue, June 30, 2015 11:43am EDT by 1 Comment

Well, hello to you too. In this sneak peek at the new episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ Mona takes a seriously intense verbal beating– and it ain’t pretty. Watch the clip now!

On the June 30 episode of Pretty Little Liars, Mona (Janel Parrish) will be slammed with some not so nice titles– “bitch” and “conniving” are just two among them. Yup, Lesli (Elizabeth McLaughlin) is back in Rosewood, and she’s basically making it a point to stop at nothing until she makes Mona feel horrible and humiliated– all right in front of Hanna (Ashley Benson). Check out the (totally brutal) sneak peek!

As the clip starts off, Mona is tense enough as it is. But oh boy, is her day about to go from bad to worse.

She and Hanna wait in line to order coffee, and she’s so nervous she can barely speak. However, her own nervousness is interrupted– by Lesli. “What are you doing in Rosewood?” Mona asks her. And then it begins.

“I was summoned by the police,” Lesli says, clearly real pissed. When Mona asks why, Lesli is having absolutely none of her sympathy (sincere, or otherwise). “What do you mean ‘why?'” she curtly retorts. “You made me an accomplice to a crime,” she says.

Of course, Mona points out the obvious, that she didn’t do anything, but Lesli is quick to correct her. “Yes I did,” she says. “I made the mistake of complimenting a stranger on her Dolce & Gabbana stretch pants and now everything I’ve worked for… they’re all in jeopardy, because I actually saw you as the victim. You conniving little bitch,” she finishes, practically spitting.

Hanna tries to calm Lesli down but, frankly, her efforts are useless. Lesli warns Mona never to say her name again, unless she wants to live to regret it. “I believe in payback too,” she hisses, before whisking away. Me-ow.

What do you think of Lesli’s smackdown to Mona? Are you excited for the new episode?

— Casey Mink