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Paris Hilton ‘Freaked Out’ By Plane Crash Prank & Plans To Sue — Report

Tue, June 30, 2015 9:35am EDT by Lauren Cox 15 Comments

It’s no surprise Paris Hilton did not find this prank funny. After being tricked into thinking she was going to die in a horrific plane crash, the heiress plans to sue the TV show behind it all.

Paris Hilton, 34, is having trouble flying after being pranked while riding in a small plane over Dubai, claims a new report. In fact, the heiress is so distraught after her near death experience, she’s consulting lawyers in hopes of suing the TV series that tricked her.

Watch out, pranksters! Paris Hilton has had enough of your crap, and now she wants payback. No, literally — she wants to be paid back. After a video went viral showing Paris screaming and hysterical crying while the small plane she was on nearly crashed, the heiress is now building a case against the television production who pulled the prank off without a hitch.

The horrifying experience has left Paris “totally freaked out,” a source tells TMZ. Unfortunately for Paris, flying from city to city is part of her job, so she can’t exactly be backing out of commitments because she’s scared of planes now. Because of this, Paris has been consulting her legal team and they believe she has a case due to “emotional distress,” the report claims.

Paris has claimed that she did not know about the prank, nor did anyone in her camp. She is also claiming that the prank was actually much worse than it appears on video, if you can believe that. According to Paris, the plane nearly hit the water and then at the very last minute pulled up into a steep incline that felt like a loop to her. So scary!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Paris has a right to sue? Comment below with your thoughts.

— Lauren Cox