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Chris Pratt Delivers Killer Jason Statham Impersonation In Cut ‘SNL’ Skit — Watch

Tue, June 30, 2015 3:28pm EDT by 1 Comment

This is gold. Pure gold. In a cut sketch from his debut outing hosting ‘Saturday Night Live,’ Chris Pratt reveals to the world that he has a ridiculously on-point Jason Statham trailer up his sleeve– and it’s freaking hilarious.

Back in September, 2014, Chris Pratt made everyone’s dreams come true when he hosted Saturday Night Live for the very first time. Though we all know he’s a bonafide movie star (hello, box office-shattering Jurassic World), Chris has actually been holding out on us! In a sketch that was cut for time, the hunky actor proved that he can do a mean Jason Statham impression– emphasis on mean. Watch the hilarious (and, yep, totally uncanny) impersonation now!

“I’m action movie star, Jason Statham,” Chris says in a perfect Statham growl. “Whether I’m shooting a big fight scene, or shooting a bit of a talking scene, I need a healthy snack that gives me a boost of energy, and that’s why now there’s Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums.”

In case it wasn’t clear enough by the title, this is a mock advertisement for Jason Statham’s special line of snacks, which are small bites of meat, or, “steakums.” Boasted as “nature’s own flat steaks,” Jason provides a pretty convincing campaign for his product– and he even provides specific eating instructions!

“Once they’re hot, bring ’em up to your mouth normally,” Chris said. “Put the steakum inside the open space that your mouth makes.” Oh so, eating? Yeah, sounds like eating. But Chris/Jason doesn’t stop there. Nope, his instructions are thorough. “Open and close your mouth as if you were talking,” he adds. “Simply push the steak to the back of your throat, and congratulations, you’ve just eaten your first steakum.” So, anyone up for steakums or nah?

What do you think of Chris’s impression of Jason Statham?

— Casey Mink