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‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: Jeff Davis Reveals Season 5A Is All A Flashback

Mon, June 29, 2015 11:38am EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment

Was anyone else freaking lost in the first six minutes that MTV released of ‘Teen Wolf?’ Not to worry, spoke exclusively to EP Jeff Davis to find out what was going on — and what else is coming this season.

Since we’re getting a two-night premiere of Teen Wolf beginning on June 29, we can only imagine that there’s a lot of action coming. In fact, we saw Lydia (Holland Roden) turn on her completely bad-ass side in the first few minutes, but where did that come from? Executive Producer Jeff Davis shared a few secrets, including info about that time jump we’ll be seeing in 5A.

“We wanted to see Lydia kick ass,” Jeff told before the season five premiere. “Let’s see her thrown people across the room and stuff. Let’s go for it. One of the best things about it was Holland Roden was so ready to use her stage combat skills. She was fantastic.” So, how much of that bad-ass-ery should we expect?

“Not as many as we hoped in the first part of the season because it’s a long progression, and a lot of what you’re seeing, 5a, the first 10 episodes is actually  flashback,” Jeff revealed. “The season is a flashback being sort of told by from the point of view of Lydia. When we catch up to her again, she still has things to learn.”

Cody Christian’s Hot Enough For ‘Teen Wolf’

A flashback huh? Well, doesn’t that just keep things easy to follow — oh wait! Anyway, we saw that it also includes the return of Aiden (Max Carver), and we know this season is bringing in a new character, Theo, played by the adorable Cody Christian. “New people coming in always shifts character relationship dynamics,” Jeff said. “It’s hard when you lose actors and you bring in news ones, and you’re hoping they can fill the space that has been vacated and he does it really well. Cody fits in perfectly with the cast, and he’s also a really good actor, and incredibly good looking too.”

A good looking guy on Teen Wolf? No way!

— Emily Longeretta