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Paris Hilton Screams For Her Life In Shocking Plane Crash Prank — Watch

Sun, June 28, 2015 2:18pm EDT by Lauren Cox 22 Comments

OMG! Paris Hilton was scared out of her mind when a TV host played a prank on her, leading her to believe the plane she was flying in would crash. Click inside to WATCH the terrifying prank.

Paris Hilton, 34, has experienced the sweet life, but during a recent prank by an international television host she almost experienced the end of her life. In a truly disturbing video, Paris is asked to take a very short ride on a super small plane. Moments after the plan takes off, Paris is left screaming at the top of her lungs as she fears the worst. It’s absolutely insane to watch!

Note to self: Never ever go on whatever weird television show did this to poor Paris Hilton. In the video above, it seems like they are taking her on an innocent plane ride… but things go wrong very quickly. It all starts with a foul odor, which Paris repeatedly jokes could be an overfilled toilet. But then, suddenly, the plane turns sharply and nearly throws the small group of passengers out of their seats. It’s no surprise that Paris immediately freaked out!

As the horrible prank continues, the plane nosedives toward the ground. At this point Paris is not only screaming, she’s also hysterical crying with tears streaming down her face. The poor girl thinks this is it — she’s going to die! A man who appears to be a flight attendant makes things even worse when he opens up the back door on the plane. Then, for no reason whatsoever, he grabs a man by his ankles and drags him down the aisle of the plane only to drop him out into the air. “No!” Paris screams, watching in horror as the man falls to his death.

The pilot seems to regain control of the plane just as they near water, and the television host sitting next to Paris tells her she’s going to have to swim. “But I don’t want to swim,” Paris tells him through tears. The last thing you see is the host holding Paris’ head down between her knees as the plane finally lands on a tiny strip of land. Even though they survived the terrifying ordeal, Paris is still a mess. When she gets off the plane she’s still sobbing uncontrollably and appears to be very shaken. How awful!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Was this prank too mean, or was it actually really funny? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox